Sunday, June 29, 2008
7:41 PM
Demo - 我们
This afternoon when I took a rest from doing my homework, I played this demo and recorded it with my mobile. The recording quality is not that good, but I found it is okay to upload. So, it is here. =)

Well, this demo is the one I mentioned in my previous post.



两个人的足迹 依然那么清晰
两个人的美丽 倒映我们心里

晴朗的阳光里 有满满的心意
手牵手和怀里 只有我和你



How is it? =)


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Saturday, June 28, 2008
8:20 PM
GET STUCKED in arranging and recording. Sigh~

I have been spending hours and hours for it. And yet, I can't get a satisfied product. =/

And yesterday midnight, I played piano and suddenly, come up with lot of melodies. And I composed three songs in 3 hours. But only one is satisfying. I feel like uploading it here but then that song is too girlish(according to my brother). HAHA



在沙滩的足迹 依然那么清晰
两个人的美丽 倒影在心里

晴朗的阳光里 有满满的爱意
手牵手和怀里 只有我和你



So, how is it? And, can you understand the story behind the lyrics?

Well, simple.. Just the loveship between couple. How lovely they are.

For the 3rd paragraph, about the cloud, it is that the clouds move around, sometimes stick together, sometimes apart from each other, which is unpredictable(secret).

This will be the next song I am going to arranging once I am done with the current song.

For the current song, the lyrics:


你委婉的拒绝我 静静的眼神看我

知道我是爱你 在想你不悔的守候

我想要爱你 天天想你
不愿让你受委屈 不愿看你不开心

我仍在等你 不会离去
试着让你了解我 让你感受我的好

For this lyrics, I think it is easy to understand. The story behind is that a guy get rejected but he still waiting for the girl to change her mind sometimes later.


P.s. Both lyrics are yet to be editted. If you wish to contribute your idea, let me know ^^ I will appreciate it =)

Feel free to comment =D


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8:08 PM
Holiday almost end =/
Bad news!!! Holiday is almost end =/ Sigh~ I wish it could be extended for another 2 weeks, WHICH is totally impossible(I know). =/

Anyway, I enjoyed for the 1st week of the holiday. I went out and I had fun!!! I think I mentioned it in my previous post but nevermind.

I went to beach; I went friends' house; Friends came my house; I went to the Mall(for shopping and movie); I went to cafe(limteh); I composed some songs but can't get them finalised(yea, I am lazy actually); I did some of my homeworks(this is minor.. just very very little).

I guess that is all I done up till now. Well, I (greedy) still this is not satisfying. Haha.. I wish for more fun but holiday is going to end in one day and next comes the terrible thing, EXAM!!! =/

Oh yea, forget to mention that I did have Chemistry extra class this weeks. Three hours per day for three days. Morning!!! Well, this was really killing me because I never got enough sleep in the holiday(well, see the time I post this xD). But I managed to sit in the front which is just opposite to the teacher, so I could paid at least 20% of my attention there and kept myself awake. LOL

And, I also started my Chemistry tuition. It is nice. I like the way the teacher teach. Suit me ^^ Hope I can get myself improve more in Chemistry and aim to get an A in the coming mock!

Well, I didn't really meet up with some of my friends in this holiday. I wonder where they are =/ I miss some of them =) Anyway, school starts soon. So meet in the school~

Oh yea, PeiYi is back in Brunei! I met her at Sheeling's house and went to limteh at Taurean. Didn't chat much but since she stay for quite a long time. So, other day will go meet her again ^^


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
6:30 PM
看到的不是你 是伪装后的你
等我发现一切后 我又选择了什么

还是不愿面对 这美丽的背后


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11:41 AM
Not feeling good =/
Sorry readers for not update for a long long time.

Last week was a busy week that I occupied most of my time with my friends. Those days were really nice: I hanged out, I laughed, I talked, I shared... I am so happy that I have a group a good friends to be with =)


Things are totally different this week. Mood changes and I still don't know the reason. Well, maybe after some much fun I had, now left with emptiness and sorrow. =/ Sometimes, things just appear in mind and made me really do a lot of thinking(well, negative thinking). And when I want to look for someone to talk about it, I hardly think of a topic to start with or I should said that I don't even know what is the main problem. =/ Overall, I am being "emo" these days. I lost the interest to go out with friends. I rather stay at home and listen to those sad sad songs and being alone. And I am both mentally and physically tired now.

What I really need now is something or someone that can really cheer me up. Hope things are not going worst by tomorrow. =/ Instead, going better. =)


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Saturday, June 14, 2008
6:22 PM
The sad before the happy
Well, the AS exam already ended but then the worst thing after it is that you realise how many mistakes you had done in those papers. And yet, this is going to suffer you for the whole holiday, keep you on thinking that you did bad and you must study and you're going to resit for it during this November.

This is ain't a good start for a wonderful 15days long holiday. =/

Well, I used to be the one who don't really care for the grade or result but when it comes to the scholarship, I have changed... I realise I become very serious over my grade and over-confident that I can get A without putting more efforts. I know all these but doing them is really hard and I don't have the perseverance to carry it out. =/

Sigh~ Thinking of all these will just spoil the holiday I had anticipated since the March holiday ended. So, the best way is to let them out.. here... in my blog. =) Well, I am feeling better now.

Okay, holiday starts. And nightlife schedule has restored and start to run! From today onwards...

Gatherings, Parties and limtehs.. Here I come =D

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Friday, June 13, 2008
11:55 AM
A rest after exam-marathon
AS exam finished!!! but soon, mock and A2 are coming. =/


Holiday starts soon!!! That means more events are coming up!!!


I am currently processing a new song here. Stay tune~ Well, sorry that my vocal made you suffer and spoil the song. =P

More things are coming up here! Stay tune!!!

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