Saturday, July 28, 2007
3:12 PM
This is going to be a long long long post. As I am going to post what had happen between the Singapore students and me for the whole week. Maybe the way I describe don’t really give you a clear picture, but I will try my best to express well.(As you know, my English sucks) =P


[Chapter 1: The arrival]

he day was nice and calm. All the student councilors and MPI were request to meet in front of the school van at 10am. I went to inform his subject tutors that I won’t be able to attend the lessons and soon after that, I went to the meeting site. The other students brought the big welcoming banner and asked the MP Secretaries to hold on them in the airport. I didn’t want to hold on the heavy and ugly stuffs, but I didn’t have the right to reject, so I just follow what they instructed.

It was one hour before their flight arrived when we reached the airport. The airport was so quiet which only a few people were waiting for their relatives and friends. We had nothing to do but to wait there and took photo. After a while, a reporter came to us and wanted to interview us, so our president went for the interview.

Soon, the Singapore Raffles Junior College’s students arrived at the airport. The welcoming banner was opened to welcome them. Then, as usual, a group photo taken.

I followed the van with two teachers (Mr Brandon and Ms Lim) and two students (Yi Jing and Shang Hui). I brief through the schedule with them and introduce myself to them. I found that it is quite hard for me to social with someone that I never know, so I just babbling and let them ask me questions. As usual, they asked questions regarding Brunei.

[Chapter 2: The Night Market]

It was raining in the night. But, we still went to the night market. In the bus, I did my job to social with them and they really did ask me lot of questions. Everyone seemed excited and I think soon, they will be disappointed. The night market was full with people although it was raining. We started with one big group but in the end, everyone broke into groups. I was with three RJC boy students (Jeremy, Zenzel and Si En). We just went around in the night market. They bought “slime” from a shop and they really like it. =)

After the trip at night market, we went back to the hotel (Traders’ Inn). In the bus, I started to talk more with Jeremy. That night, I followed Jeremy backed to his room. Some of the students also in that room (Zenzel, Aaron, Ravin, Sean and Augustine). Actually, I felt somewhat awkward to stay in their room because we didn’t really know each other yet. I was like a stranger among them. However, I tried to find something to talk. After a while, I went back.

[Chapter 3: Trip to Tutong District]

During this day, Jing Yi and Louis joined us. We went to the Tutong District in the early morning. It was a trip to a centre where the Dusun people were going to perform their culture and tradition. It was fun and boring. The part that involved everyone is fun and the part that the people talked in Malay was boring (because I don’t understand). Again, I was with Jeremy and Zenzel for the whole morning. Louis sat next to me and started to interact with Jeremy and Zenzel.

During the lunch, I started to talk with the girls. But only to some as I can’t find any nice topic beside Brunei.

In the noon, we went to Tasek Merimbun. It was the second time that I visited there. At there, I started to talk more with the students. And, I found all of them are really friendly and nice to talk with. And, of course, I took lot of photo with my friends.

We rode the boat to cross the lake. We walked in the forest to expose ourselves in the nature. The trip ended with everyone tired.

[Chapter 4: Visit to Maktab Duli]

There was an assembly in the morning to welcome the RJC students. As usual, there was speech, choir and doa. The RJC representatives were Jeremy and Jean. After the assembly, they had their tea break in the VIP room and were accompanied by us.

Then, we brought them around the college and the tour ended in two hours. Whoa~ that is more than I had expected. Then, we proceeded to the dining hall for lunch. The boys were going to have a soccer match with our school team in the afternoon. I didn’t manage to watch the match.

[Chapter 5: The Mall]

They were already very tired after the match and yet they were visiting the shopping mall. I knew that they were not in a mood to shop. So, we just went around and help them to get gifts and souvenir for their friends.

Si En was very exciting and he bought “tudung” for his family and friends. I followed him in the end to help him looked for Malay-styled costume.

The girls were at the food court. They bought foods to eat in the hotel. I introduced some of them about the “creppe” which I think it is very delicious. And, they agreed too.

Well, nothing much to mention. They just went back to their hotel at 9:30pm.

[Chapter 6: Visit to OGDC]

This was an interesting trip but along the way to Belait District, all the guys slept, so I was unable to talk with them. I think they were tired, as they will definitely sleep in the bus when it was a long journey.

In the centre, we were divided into groups and we had to do a presentation. I was with Jeremy, Si En, Audrey and Lorraine. I think our presentation is funny but I was a bit nervous and didn’t talk during the presentation.

After the presentation, everyone was free to move around and tried the stuffs at there. Some of them went for the spinning thing and some tried the angular momentum apparatus. In conclusion, we had fun.

As usual, after the event, we took photo. I took with the girls, as all the boys seem tired and sleepy, so better let them rest. Everyone was eating at the IDEAL restaurant. And the sky was about to rain again.

Then, we went back to the college for their dinner. I went back during their dinner because they were going to the Mall again. At first, I thought they will be going back to their hotel for change, but they didn’t. So, when I arrived the Mall from my house, they were about to leave.

[Chapter 7: Basketball and Farewell Dinner]

In the morning, they went to Royal Regalia and Brunei Musuem without the student councilors’ accompany. Meanwhile, we were having a talk about “Drugs and Punishment” in the auditorium. It was so damn boring. I stood for the whole event. At first, I was waiting for few officers (they came late and they were late for one hour).

In the noon, the boys were having a basketball match with our school’s boys. Louis and Farhan were in the RJC group to help them.

Everyone was wondering why the college had the farewell dinner on Wednesday and they were leaving on Friday. I also do not know the reason. Everyone was in Malay traditional/formal suit. Only me! I was the only one in formal costume (long sleeves shirt + tie). I was so unique that day. Hehe =D

I took a lot of photo that day. I took both individual and group photo. I would like to thank those who took photo with me. I know I was very annoying and kept on asking you guys to help me take photo. I apologized for that. Anyway, I really thank you guys: Aaron, Augustine, Ravin, Jeremy, Si En, Sean, Shang Hui, Wei Zhi, Yi Jing, Zenzel, Amanda, Audrey, Carmen, Gillian, Jean, Lorraine, Michelle, Natasha, Sherie and Xin Lei.

And also, I would like to thank my camera-man: Izzati and Li Ting. Hehe…

The farewell dinner ended in photo taking session.

[Chapter 8: Netball and Visit to Yayasan]

In the morning, they visited the Tasek Lama and Kampong Ayer without us again. In the noon, the girls were having a netball match with our school’s netball team. Congratulations to the RJC girls’ victory.

In the night, it was the last night activity with them. I arrived there earlier and tried to get them something but I couldn’t find anything suitable. Haiz~ I am really sorry for not getting you guys personal gift. In the end, I bought some Gum Lollipop and Ferrero Rocher for them. I know that is common but I really didn’t know what to get them. The student council decided to buy them mug so I can’t get them another mug. Haiz~

They gave me a Singapore Flag and a really nice pen (I like the pen). Thanks for that. And, this causes me felt guilty of not giving them gift.

Again, I took a lot of photo with them. Then, Louis and I went back to the hotel with them. Something special and memorable happened in the hotel (secret). Hehe….

We just talked outside the room and in the end, we went to the scout centre for pool. I played badly that day. I didn’t know what had happened to me. Haiz~ maybe too blur. Both the Singapore girls and boys are good in playing pool. I stayed with them until 12:20am, then I went home.

[Chapter 9: Last meeting]

This day was the last meeting with them. It was really a sad occasion, as I can no longer see them in person in the following days. I was really sad and cried in my heart. Sigh~ T.T

We gave them the Brunei mugs and I passed them my stickers (I wonder they want it or not, but it is ok to give them). Then, we took photo again. Then, we shook hand and said farewell.

Actually, I took video of them in the airport. But!!! My phone hanged when taking the video. T.T

Then, they went into the departure hall and the meeting ended. And, we not longer see each other unless they come again, or I go Singapore.

[Words from Derick]

I am really happy to see and know all of you. This is the first time that I made friends with Singapore students. I would like to thank all of you for giving me such a memorable moment and unforgettable memories.

Take Care and Best wishes to all of you. Good luck in your studies and Keep in contact!!!


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Friday, July 20, 2007
6:50 PM
My latest lyrics
Hello everyday and BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Again, I am here to present you guys my latest lyrics and I'm still dealing with the melody, so I will post the lyrics first. And, if you found something wrong with the lyrics, just point it out and suggest how could it be edited. I appreciate your help =)


我听说 爱情回来了

为什么 你要再出现
要放手 就要彻底点

难得放开的爱情 如今又出现在眼前
以为雨后天晴朗 太阳依然照亮
冰冷的心 失意的心 得到了温暖

我以为 是你离开的

这无法 自控的感觉

难得放手的爱情 怎么现在回来了
以为雨后天晴朗 太阳依然照亮
冰冷的心 失意的心 得到了温暖

两个不同的我们 活在不同的世界
以为努力下去 一定有美好的未来

是我 太天真 最后 你还是离开我


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
5:00 PM
If you take a look at "My Lounge", you can see I added a new recording again. Recently, I really like this song "爱情玛奇朵". This is song is from 棒棒堂 and also the ending theme of a new drama "黑糖玛奇朵". If you interested in this song, you can get the original one from me. =)



我就可以再 往前多近個幾分




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Monday, July 16, 2007
1:52 PM
After my dinner..
Usually, I have supper or snack after my dinner. But, something change today. I have neither supper nor snack today, I have half a watermelon today. A huge one. Haha...

Wonder within how many hours will I finish it... =) LOLz~

Well, this is a crap. This post is not worth to read, but... the fact is you have already read it. XDDDD


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Friday, July 13, 2007
10:00 AM
To introduce you guys a nice song. This song released in May but I just came across it yesterday. It is a Cantonese Song by Janice and Michael Wong. There is a chinese version of this song but I haven't find the good version one, so I just upload the cantonese one. Hope you guys will like it.

J:能有你 快活无可比
可把臂逛街 像游尽天地
M:除了你 没别人可比
只需爱到底 难道天妒忌
J:如果 花开竟不结果
J:明日怎样无助 你也可
J:如果 花开竟不结果


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Monday, July 09, 2007
12:25 PM
This post about what happen last night(sunday). Sorry, for late post because was too blur and dizzy last night. =)

Anyway, the story begins...

Another nice, wonderful, happy, exciting night. And it was TingTing's Suprised Birthday Party. And another gathering of the HTYW members (all members gathered, finally). Oh yea, it was a touching night too. Well, the surprise was a failure in the beginning and she saw some of us in Lu's house when she reached there. Haiz~ But still the surprise shocked her much. Phew~ at least we suceeded, or else... =P There was candles around the cake forming a LOVE shape( a touching scene[use your imagination]). The ladies were all so so pretty and beautiful in their formal dress. Whoa~ anyway, there is photo that I took with them in my Friendster(drop a visit there). The guys were just in normal shirt and trouser, nothing special to mention.... Oh yea! the cake cream spoiled my white shirt T.T

The party continues with karaoke and dancing. I think I was over-high yesterday.. well, I was =) And Sheeling said that I am a "guo dong er". Haha XD In some ways I am.

Then Lu got her father's Chivas and we all drank it. Some drunk and some remain conscious. Me? I am half half. Well, I can't really stand still (almost fell down whenever I stand). Haha... Then had another photo taking session. Then we had H2H session too (heard lot of stories) And I totally lost my voice(went off many pitch) yesterday T.T . Haha...

Anyway, I love this group. Have lot of fun with them!!! And everytime I can relieve stress there~ =D

P.s I want the photo, IS!!! hehe... And to all the members, Friends Forever(回头一笑)~ =)


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Friday, July 06, 2007
5:06 PM
New experience with new group of people to play badminton. Whoa~ That's cool =)

Today, Kay, Hon, WeiDeng, Louis and I went to Harun Gym for badminton. Nothing special to say about the badminton, just that I found that I am so noob and cacat in badminton. Haha... There were battle between Leader and crew, Banzai and others. Oh, they even invented Banzai Badminton style[ more info, pls look for Kay and Hon ]. Overall, it was fun and nice. Then we walked to Yayasan. Lot of funny stuffs and video/photo taking there. I will post some of them soon[ need to edit ].

So, this is what I had done for today. It was nice and I was happy. How about you?


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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
12:45 PM
The down period...
I am totally exhausted and not feeling well these days. And I do want to apologize for not update my blog for quite a time. Not in a good mood to post anything. Probably the end of this week, I will do the posting.

Lately, I attend the Leadership course organized by the MD. I don't think I learn anything from it except I get known to more people. I am happy to be selected as a Student Council. But I can feel the pressure given by the "mustache". Especially to me... my hair. Everyday, he told me "pendek lagi rambut kamu". But the female cikgu said she is happy with my hair. Everyday I am afraid to see the "mustache". Anyway, I will post more details next time.(mind blur blur now).

I think something wrong with my mental and mind. All crashed. Yet, I am sick now. Terrible headache everyday. Sigh~ Think that I am in my down period...

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