Saturday, April 26, 2008
6:02 PM
Exam is near...
Hey everyone~

As you know that the exam is just a few weeks after. And so, everyone is studying for their own sake. Well, I am also going to study for my own sake. I have been playing for quite a long time and now it is time to get serious. =) Have to go through all the Chemistry and Physics notes, memorise all the formats of the Accounting. Hope I can finish everything before the exam really starts.

A notice to you all, my blog will be inactive till the exam end. If I have something interesting to share, I will still update my blog. But, >50% this blog will be inactive.

So, before I end this post, I wish you all good luck on the examination and study hard!!! =) Well, wish me luck, I really need luck this time ^^


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Monday, April 21, 2008
12:04 PM
Well, I have been under the stress state since last Thursday till just now in the morning after the recess time. Suppose I could get out from that state in the early morning 8am, but due to some stupid reason, I couldn't.

Okay, I am totally out of my stress mode now, but then another stress mode has activated =/ The examination is really near now. And yet, I have a "AS Chem" test tomorrow. Teacher is quite disappointed with my previous test result. She said I don't deserved that grade. Well, I didn't study at all, so I didn't expected a good grade, I am expecting just a low pass =P

I know I should get moving with my study now as it is only one month left...err.. less than one month. And I am accumulating my motivation now. I can sense that it is coming back to me now. Hope I could study Chemistry later. I can't let my teacher disappointing again. =)


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Sunday, April 20, 2008
8:19 AM
Life on 19/4/08
I couldn't sleep well for this day. I thought I was already alright from that event but then by the time when I was nearly asleep that stupid burst out in my mind again. I am not worry about myself but I am worry for my friends. I hope nothing horrible is going to happen on them. =/ Well, after tomorrow I think everything is going to be settled, hopefully settled peacefully. *PRAY*

I was extremely blur when having my lessons in the school. I was nearly fall asleep in every single class and again, I had my Chemistry test. And I made a big mistake there, and so the maximum score I could get is only 70%. Phew, luckily I didn't waste much time on studying it =P

Then again, I am back to my previous lifestyle, "NAP IN THE NOON!!!" Haha...

And it was Saturday night!!! Time to have fun but then no plan was up till 8+pm. =.=

We want to watch movie but then the cinema line was busy. Pity Jo for kept on calling the cinema since 6pm. I wonder what is wrong with cinema =/ But then luckily, Roger told me someone booked the ticket at Empire theatre. Phew~ luckily there is a plan. HAHA. Then started to ask people. Then I went to fetch Kong because I never drive myself to empire, so I need people accompanied. And when everything nearly settled, it started to rain heavily!!! Oh gosh~ so unlucky eh!!! But still, the movie outing is on. =P

Only 6 people went for the movie, Forbidden Kingdom. The movie is nice: sound effects, graphic effects, kungfu, storyline are nice. Worth to watch in cinema, I think. Haha. But no worth to buy foods and drinks at Empire theatre. SO EXPENSIVE!!! I bought one ice lemon tea and one M&M for B$4!!! *BROKE*

Then after the movie, we went to coffezone. Then I saw TKC's car parking at the centrepoint. I wonder where are they. Haha. Then talked and drinks, then went home. And that end the Saturday night~ =)


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Friday, April 18, 2008
1:37 PM
Mood changes
I was in a very bad mood yesterday after that stupid and unreasonable event. Sigh~

But luckily it was Thursday night yesterday, so I was able to go out. My face expression was so dead when I was discussing where to go with Adrena and Joana. HAHA.

After the plan was made, I went to fetch Eric and had fun.

And after hours of talking and fun, I was with a nice mood! Thanks a lot, people ^^


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Thursday, April 17, 2008
1:25 PM
Full with regret

When something is done incorrectly, it is impossible for you to get back to the origin.

When you choose to be someone, you will need to be someone in the best way and take all the responsibilities.

This is where the regret comes in its fullness when the path you choose has harmed you in a way that you didn't expected.

And before everything had happened, you think the path you have chosen will brighten up your future but when you wake up and think carefully, you realize that it didn't benefit your future at all but haunt your life that make your life full with unhappiness and regret.

It is really unreasonable when you are doing exactly the same thing that others are doing and you are only the one suffer! And you are the one going to take all the responsibilities. And because of this, your friends are going to suffer as well!!! And in the end, you are not only suffer from the thing you have done, you will also be guilty of having your friends to be involve in the trouble. And this is part that you will feel regret.

Well, life is definitely full with regret and which it is unavoidable. So learn to accept it and try to overcome it are what you will need to do now. =/


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Monday, April 14, 2008
1:48 PM
Don't know what to post
Hey everyone. This blog have been down for few days and of course I would like to thank the "E-Slow" for this. xD But then it works quite smooth today so I am able to blog. Well, I want to blog but I don't know what to post. Nothing special happened these days, my life is always boring and dead. So, I think I will just plainly post what happened to me and what I did these days.

This blog will breaks down into few sub-posts as below:

[Life on 10/4/2008 Thursday]

Okay, this day I had my maths test. It was P3 exam after quite a while. Well, as I didn't study at all, so I think I could only get a low pass grade this time. The paper wasn't hard nor it is easy. So, hope I won't fail it. XP

Forget about the test. *shift the time to night*

Thursday night!!! Time for me to go out again =D To cure my itchy ass. LOL I went out around 9pm to meet Adrena, ChenHui and Joana at the Mall before the guys reached there. After a while, I saw Daniel, Eric, Jonathan and Kinglin, I heard they want to play Rummy and I get so excited when I heard the name. Oh gosh, now I really I want to play Rummy or Mahjong. I am so desperate to touch the tiles and heard the tile-crashing sound. HAHA Then I waited for Kong and WeiDeng to arrive then went into the Arcade. I didn't know all the others were inside there. Haha I was still waiting outside =.= Jun was trapped by Calvin in the KBox, but I didn't know that so I went into the KBox to kacau Jun. Then I was trapped inside too =.=" then I heard Jun singing "Ting Hai" inside there. LOL

After we left the Arcade, we went to McDonald and then to NetCom. I think it was my second time been there. Well, of course I didn't play game with them because I am too noob to do so. So, I talked with the three crazy girls(Adrena, ChenHui and Joana) there. Oh my god, we didn't stop laughing for a minute at there. I think the Netcom was full with my terrible laugh that night. LOL And I get pinched by Adrena and Joana lagi. =.=" Their pinch is so painful... =.=

Then nearly 1am, some of them went cruising in Jerudong but I didn't followed. I went to Mamih@Mata-Mata with Kong them. Then stayed there until 1:30am. The others was at Jerudong Beach then went home =.= LOL

[Life on 11/4/2008 Friday]

This morning I fetched CheeYi and WeiDeng, then went to the BTC to play Tennis. Finally I exercised!!! Hurray~ After that, went home.

The afternoon, I went to cut my hair. Again, it is short now. I want to change hairstyle but then my stylist said my hair in front is a bit short, so it is hard to change now. So, next time lo~

[Life on 12/4/2008]

Saturday night!!! Another day for me to go out. This time, I was out with HTYX except PikShien and ChiawYee. At first, they said we had dinner at Twelve Cafe. Then, when I arrived there(as usual, the first one although I was already late). Then I saw no one there. Then they called me and said TingTing was at LanZhong. Doink~ no one inform me earlier =.= Then I went there to meet up with them. And I saw the guys group there. They were out to watch Basketball tournament. Then after a while, we left and went to CheezBox. The restaurant is quiet before we reached there. Once we were there, there was no more silence. HAHA Then Adrena, Daniel, Jun, Joana and Yang were there for hang out also. What a coincidence! Haha

Then the guys group finished watching the tournament and went to CheezBox too. Don't know why I am so excited to see so many people I know hang out at the same site. HAHA Then the HTYX girls went home at around 11pm. So, I went to talk with Jun them and the guys group. They were just sitting next to each other but different table. =P

Then the guys decided to eat "牛杂" so we went there but Kelvin and Foo went home. So only KuiChuan, WeiDeng, IngSiang, CheeTa, SoonKet, Louis and JienSheng were there. Then they talked about the movie "Three Kingdoms" but then the topic changed to China History, the real three kingdoms history. XDDDD Good, it had been a long time ago we had History lesson. LOL

[Life on 13/4/2008 Sunday]

I was going to continue my membership at Fitness Zone but due to some problems, I couldn't make it. Actually Kong asked me to go in the morning, 9am. And I woke up at 8am due to this and I texted him and he said he is lazy and want to sleep. =.= I was already awake and he cancelled. He went in the noon and sorry for putting him A380(aeroplane). HAHA

Then, JenHao asked me to go his house played basketball, I think he is crazy. HAHA I play basketball or being played by basketball =.= Bad ah him, kacau me. HAHA I know he want to laugh at me. LOL Just kidding Just Kidding

Then, nothing special happened this day.

And here end this post! Thanks for your reading =)


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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
2:05 PM
I need something
I need something... I really need something...

Something that can make me forget all the stress;
Something that can make me get crazy;
Something that can get me high;
Something that can relax me and yet tie the friendship~

What I need is.... err... of course, a party! A party with my friends or people I know. A party with booze and karaoke!!!

Sigh~ I miss those moments. The moment that I sang(actually shout) karaoke with my friends; The moment that we have the heart-to-heart session; The moment that we fool around; The moment that we being so crazy and high~

Sad that I can't organize anything in my house at night. If not, woo~~~ you know what I am going to do. I can only ask friends to come in the noon, but it is hard to get high/crazy in the noon because the weather is so damn hot and the sunlight is so damn bright!!!

And the exam is near now. Everyone starts to study hard and less people want to have fun with me. So, the probability of having a gathering or party is nearly zero~

Hope one day we can have fun together and GET HIGH~!!! Hope that day is not so far away =)


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
1:05 PM
Life on 8/4/2007
Tuesday is always the most suffocating day to me X.X

Why??? Because I will need to attend the afternoon class till 4pm!!! 3 hours of Physics and it is in the noon. @_@ Well, it made up of practical and theory sessions. So, it might sound a bit reasonable, but for me, it is SOO unreasonable. HAHA because I won't be paying attention to the theory session (well, I did sometimes =P but the probability is 0.0000000000000000000001) LOL

This morning, as usual, during my PS1, I was with Evelyn they all. And we went to Foodzone(I think some people called it Gadong Property) to eat. And this time, I didn't ordered Teh-O or Kopi-O, I ordered Teh C Special. But still, ChenHui laughed at my food =.=" I ordered "Wa-Tan-Ho" and she said that is food for old man like me, because I can't chew well. LOL =.=

And during the Maths lesson, we were learning Vector. When teacher asked me what we call the three points in the same line, I answered "co-efficient" but right after I said it out, I noticed I am wrong and within a sec, I said "collinear". HAHA. What's wrong with me? HAHA @_@

During the lunch time, I was with the what-they-called-the-SAS-physics-boy-group. Don't know what happened to me, I kept on asking some people to sing because I want to hear. LOL but then none of them sing. =.= We talked, we laughed in the classroom and then Peggie, CheaHong and Yvonne joined in the class. And again, we talked we laughed till the lunch time ended. Oh yea, something funny happened there, well this is a secret. Hehe. I was imitating someone 撒娇 to someone. And everyone laughed loud loud till the teachers in the Physics staffroom heard. LOL

And the part of the Gadong was out of electricity around 3pm, and our lesson was still on although there was no electricity. Oh my god!!! study in the classroom already killing me, now without aircon, light, I was totally dead. X.X

After the lesson, we walked to the admin there and Roger pointed at the corridor and we looked there, we saw this:

A line of students sat along the longkang side. Whoa~ First time I saw this, I think. Haha And straightaway I took my phone out and took this photo. I think the first few girls saw I was taking photo. Haha xDDDD And the one at the right in the photo is KongCheeYi, one of my most hangout friend now ^^

And this ended the life on 8/4/2007. And the rest of the time, I am just sitting next to my laptop and online and here updating my blog ^^


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Sunday, April 06, 2008
1:12 PM
Hey everyone. I am here again. This post is a post about yesterday and today.


As my previous mentioned, I will be out with my friends, but I forgot to mention who I will be out with. =P Anyway, I was out with HTXY friends: PikShien, TingTing, YenLu, Sheeling, Kelvin and CaiYen. The order was according to who come first. Well, I was still the first one to be there although I was already later for about 20minutes. LOL We had dinner at Taurean cafe(The Arch). Well, the foods were funny. Why? Everything is so small. HAHA. And we ate and talked from 8pm till 11+pm. It had been quite a while that we didn't talk for so long. ^^ And we were the nosiest group there and got an auntie kept on staring at us when we reached our maximum volume. She had been turning her head so many times. Well, kinda pity her but.. HAHA

Then around 11pm, those people who attended WeiYi's party left there and went Gadong. And as I promised CheeYi that I gonna bring him home. So I went to meet him at RF. And ChenHui, Joanna and Adrena knew that I was in Taurean, so they met me there. And we talked till 12am, then went RF.

As they were just from the party, and the dress code is semi-formal or formal. So I saw few of them with formal suit played CS. That was funny XDDDD then in the mid of their playing, Jeff had something to do and left. He asked me to take over. WHAT?! ME?!?!?!?!?! crazy arh.. so as expected, I died for SOOOOOOOOOO many times =P Noob me XD

After that, they finished playing and went home. Actually I was there to take photo with him because he was wearing a pink tie. But then, the photo was bad. So, can't upload. HAHA


This afternoon after my lunch, then usual routine, I played internet: MSN. Then WeiDeng chatted with me saying that later he was going to play basketball at JenHao's house. But then cancelled because there raining. Then he said they were going to swim. And he asked me. I rejected when he asked because I thought it was a bit weird going there with them. They = WeiDeng, CheeYi, Teck Kok, Hwa and Eric. HAHA Then chat chat chat, then CheeYi messaged me asking to want to swim or not and he came fetch me. Then later, I said okay. Haha. But still, I felt kinda weird =P

Then I went to swim. Sigh~ I can't really swim eh. They said want to do some sort of competition but then how can I compete as I don't really know how to swim? LOL. Well, I can swim but for a short distance. Then I was like resting there and just sinking my body into the water. But overall okay la, managed to talk with them. Still need some more time to know more about them. =P

Then CheeYi sent me home. And I took my dinner and now I am here typing all these. ^^

The end


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Friday, April 04, 2008
1:38 PM
Ass itchy again...
Oh my god!!! Isn't that holiday just ended for like.. err.. 4 days? And I thought I have started to behave like a 100% obedient student and child, but then my ass itchy again. HAHA. Kinda desperate to go out to have fun. XDDDD

And yesterday was Thursday! Thursday night should be a good time to have fun because the next day is Friday, non-school day! But then no plan came out and so I stayed at home =( . Well, there are plans but then all canceled in the end. Sigh~

And I had been sleeping like a pig yesterday. After I went home from school, I slept till like 9pm. Then woke up and chat and searched for any outing. Then end up nothing, then slept again till 1pm just now~ lalala~ I am a pig and "OLD" pig. HAHA

But then, just received a message stated that let have dinner tomorrow~ Woo~ YEAH!!! So that means can go out liao. This message made my ass more itchy eh.. Can't wait for tomorrow "NIGHT" to come. Hehe =D

And sad that tomorrow, my PS1 is in the afternoon block. Haiz~ unable to hang out with the PS1 gang. X( So I hope that tomorrow morning can pass with its maximum speed. KEKEKE XD

Tomorrow night, I am coming. ^^


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
3:39 PM

OH MY GOD!!! I am turning older these days. AM I????

This is really ridiculous. I went out to eat with some of friends in Foodzone on Tuesday. And I ordered a teh-O, then they said I am drinking "lao-ren-cha". Whoa~ this was the first time I heard of it. SO funny. LOL. Then, everyone there started to call me "lao-ren". Well, I was not angry about this. HAHA. but just that it is so funny. A tea just changed me to an old man. Whoa~ hehe. Then, Larrie noticed the Fisherman sweets in my pocket and only one left in the packet. Then this leaded them to calling me old man again. =.= They said usually old man just left the last food and keep it for a long time. And will lick it time by time until it totally gone. Doink~

And today, we went to Jolibee and they said I better don't ordered something too crispy later my teeth drop. And don't eat too much because oily food is too unhealthy for old man. And Evelyn asked me whether I want to go to ThienThien Chicken Rice or Jolibee and they said ThienThien is more suitable for me because I am old man. LOL

Well, I can sense that the nick "old-man" will follow me for months. HAHA but it is okay as long as I didn't turn to be the one in the picture above ' 0.0!


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3:32 PM
New SKIN!!!
Hello Everyone!!!

I have just changed my blog skin to current one. Well, it is plain but I think it is nice ^^ Easier to read and explore. Nothing complicated here. =)

But I am going to edit some more when I have my source and free time. =P Maybe the colour, the component. And definitely, the header. =)


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