Sunday, January 25, 2009
5:20 PM


P.s. Maybe a CNY gathering at house on 30/1/2009 in the afternoon. This is yet to be confirmed! So stay tune!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
10:05 AM
Yesterday, finally I met up with HTYX but some people couldn't make it =/ So end with me, lu, sheeling and caiyen. And also SoonTiong and Jerry. We had dinner at ILotus, the food is just average and quite a small amount. But well, the main thing is not the food, is the "sampt" section. HAHA Talk talk talk till 10+pm then we off to Lu's place. Of course, karaoke is the main thing there. HAHA then talk lagi.... till 1+am.

After that, I went to met with the Jeff them. We went friend's place and stay there till 5+am. OMG!!! Had fun there. And learned a new game. Lost money on rummy. Well, overall nice and happy! LOL

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Sunday, January 11, 2009
8:44 PM
Start of night activity!!!
Today is the start of my night activity =D after a long time.

And I just back home 30minutes ago. HAHA

Went to Yang's and meet some new friends there and also meet all those people I haven't seen in ages. LOL

And, I think I should start to back to my social circle in the real world!

Dinner, movie, hangout...........................

People, here I come!

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8:28 PM
Singapore Action - Take 2
Singapore Action - Take 2

Okay, I'm going to make this short. I just point out what is really interesting to share and what is not.

Day 2
We went to Bugis. There was really a big "shopping heaven". Lot of shops to explore and a big arcade to play on. I bought quite a number of tops and bottoms around there. Then we had nowhere to go, then Brandon, Eric, Jason and me went to the arcade. We spent almost 2 hours there. XD Well, it may sounds stupid to spend time in arcade but at least we done our shopping there! HAHA with 3 big shopping bags. And there was alot of arcade machine there. And I have to say that the Tekken 6 is awesome. Big television on the wall showing people's match. COOL!

And there is one arcade card game which attracted me the most. It is about the three kingdoms and one card represent one army. You attack defend by moving the card around. SO DAMN COOL!!!

Day 3
We went to Vivocity and the food court is really awesome! SO big and SO many foods to choose from. But too bad that I was having 2 ulcers on my tongue. The foods was delicious but in the same time tortured me alot ><

We spent almost 2~3 hours shopping on one level. OMG!!! And the I.P zone there was having half price sales!!! I got a shoe for $13 and jeans for $19. ^^

Then we were tired of walking around that we backed to the hotel and again, headed to the arcade@BUGIS. LOL

Day 4
We went to Orchard Road. I went to LV @ Takashimaya to ask for some bags for my mom. It was quite big and lot of tourists inside. Somehow, that made it doesn't look like a branded shop =/ XD

AND!!!! We met JenHao accidentally at G2000 in Takashimaya. OMG!!! what a coincidence! LOL He just arrived in Singapore and that was his first shopping.

Then walk around the Orchard Road. And I finally found my Esprit tops which I looked for it for 3 days. HAHA

Then we, again, tired of shopping there. We went back hotel then headed, again to the arcade@BUGIS. LOL

Day 5 ~ Day 7
We went back to Orchard and Vivocity for day 5 and 6. To complete the whole building. And nothing much to share here. And last day, walk around at Raffles and Marina Square. Then off to the airport.

Then back to BRUNEI!

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Friday, January 09, 2009
11:25 AM
Singapore Action - Take 1

It was a very early morning that I woke up. The sun was still shy to show its bright face to me and I started to prepare for my next journey. I checked everything and get myself in action. Then I arrived at the airport.... STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP This is not a storybook XDD Okay, I know this is lame. XD

Okay, back to the topic. I went to the airport around 6am and there is no one. Then I saw Brandon and slowly others arrived as well. Then we do the check in and stuffs. I was quite excited that time because I was going to Singapore with fews that I don't even know at all. I was thinking this trip would be either very nice or very boring. But good is that, this trip is very nice and very memorable. HAHA

The hotel was cool. I like it very much despite its small bathroom. HAHA and the receptionist served me look alike "Lin Yu Xuan" in the 超级星光大道. And some people also think she looks quite farmiliar. Haha.

Then we off to Raffles City. Start shopping!!!

We ate MOS Burger and my white Esprit white spoiled there. The sauce stained on it!!! =/ OMGGGG. That was the second time that I wore it. TT And the chilli cheese dog is really spicy and again there is another spicy chilli cheese dog. I can't imagine how spicy and hot it is. XD

Went to the Levi's shop, I found something I want BUT there is no size for me =S Even the staff there said why everything you asked all don't have size for you. HAHA =/

In the end, I end up empty handed for the first day...

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Thursday, January 08, 2009
6:55 PM
I'm back!!!
It is one week after I last updated my blog because I AM BACKKKK!!!

Singapore trip was really nice! I shopped alot and see alot! =D But the foods there were really scary... especially the price!!! O.O'''

Anyway, let meet up and do various stuffs or I will just stick to WOW! HAHA

Well, more stories of me in Singapore in the new post =) So, stay tune!!!

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Thursday, January 01, 2009
4:00 PM
Special post to YiHuey!!!
Now is the second day of 2009 and know what?
It is also the birthday of LIAW YI HUEY!!!

Happy Birthday To Miss YiHuey =D

*Drum Roll*
*Conductor raises his hands*
*Music starts*

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to YiHuey!!!
Happy Birthday to you~!!!

Welcome to the legal world(World of 18th). Fast fast grab your license and join us more often =D

Anyway, enjoy your day and all the best =)

P.s. 7 more hours, I will be off to Singapore~ Cya guys

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