Wednesday, February 28, 2007
1:20 PM
I am so tired after the so-called "orientation day" held by MD. I really wonder that is it really an orientation or just an assembly which attended by all the lower Sixth students. Maybe I should call it a "conference"! An meeting which attended by all good students(as they said we are all smart and good enough so that we can enrol into MD).

Lot of boring speeches delivered by the admin. staffs and teachers. Well, there is still some interesting talks but I can say that it is rare. In my view, some officers have another meaning in their words that made me feel that they are warning us and sort of scolding us. Well, the atmosphere was dull itself and after the boring speech, it was getting dull even more. Furthermore, most of their speeches are in Malay!!! and, somewhat, concerning about the Islam and MIB... Whoa~ How could I understand what are they talking about. Maybe only some parts of them but still, they were just giving us(non-Islamic) many big big question marks... What if today, it was us who talk about Buddhism in front of them, then what will they think?! Well, I know I live in Brunei, so I must accept this.. as we are told that as we are living in Brunei, we must follow the MIB. Haiz~

Lot of rules and regulations are set for us to follow and obey. Nothing for me to talk about the rules because they are just crazy... I think you can get what mean here. Boys and girls must be seperated and can't fool around together. And, no fashion in the school because school is a place for us to study, not to show off any fashion. Bla bla bla....

Well, I could just say that the so-called orientation is a part of the memories that I want to forget and never never never want to see it again. When I compared the orientation held in other schools and our school, I am just uttering a long, disappointed sigh....

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Sunday, February 25, 2007
2:23 PM
Sayonara my hair~
I just dyed my hair back into black colour. So, goodbye to my coloured hair. I am doing this for the college rule... Then, tomorrow afternoon, after the orientation, I am going to cut my hair... It's too long for that college's standard. Sigh~

College life going to start right after a few more hours.. I am excited but also very sad that my holiday has finally reach its end. Rule... I hate it... especially the rule for the hair... Can't do "fashionable" hair and the length of the hair is restricted... But I should be glad because we are just "encourage" to wear songkok, so it isn't a big deal if I don't wear it. Girls are more pity as they must wear tudung...

Heard from a friend that the teacher will cut our hair tomorrow if it is too long.. Whoa~ I don't want my hair to be cut by a non-professional cutter... I will cry if this happen. T.T

Going to sleep earlier tonight.. don't know whether I can do it... Maybe I can't sleep for the whole night and just go to the college tomorrow morning.. Haha...

Hope the orientation goes smoothly tomorrow.. and nothing bad will be happened to me tomorrow...

My hair is very "black" now... Sayonara my hair~

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Saturday, February 24, 2007
5:54 PM
Suppose to be a happy day?
It was my aunt having her open house today and my family and I went to her house. Everything went smooth and nothing bad happened.

Everything was just fine until the time we were able to leave. My cousins asked my brother and to stay back and they will sent us back to home after a while. My father told us to stay there but my mother was not willing for us to stay. For me, I think I will just linger for an hour more and go back. My brother obviously want to stay for a while so my dad allow. My mother kept on asking him to go back but he didn't want. They went back and my brother and I stayed at there. After a few minutes, my phone rang and it was my dad who asked us to go back. As instructed, we went back but my mom is angry and didn't talk to us at all, even now. I don't know what had happen. Is she angry at us? or she is angry because my brother stay at there? or...

I really don't know what to do next and I have another out-going tomorrow afternoon. I don't know I should go or not now. Somehow, I find that it is so hard to live in this world. I really don't know how to deal with this kind of stuffs. Somehow, I think I should leave this world so that I will be free.... Sigh...

A happy day turns into a sad day?! I don't know how....

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Friday, February 23, 2007
1:37 PM
I have a wonderful week and a treasure and memorable moments with all of my friends. Before I begin, I would like to say that I LOVE GATHERING AND HAVE FUN!!!

Everyday is so wonderful yet meaningful. None of the moment is boring and dead. I have to admit I talked a lot and retained in a high mood. Well, this kind of feeling has been lost for about 2~3 months. There is small out-going with friends in the interval but it can't compete with this big big gathering. I really miss them and feel extremely happy when I saw them in person. By that time, I know how important is all my friends to me. I shouldn't exclude any of them last time, I am so regret. From now on, everyone is same to me and I will treat them nicely =D Hehe....

The gathering in Swensen, Excapade and friends' houses. Whoa! It is amazing!!! Hehe...

All these gathering bring me a lot of happiness and warmth. Wonder when will the happiness and atmosphere back again?

School is going to start soon. Hope everyone is ready for it and hope I could get along well with new friends!!!

I miss you all (friends who didn't back to Brunei this CNY)!!!

Beside happiness, I am also tiring and sleepy due to the overhigh atmosphere I created for myself!! =D

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Saturday, February 17, 2007
4:38 PM
Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐!!!
First of all, wish everyone a Happy Golden Piggy Year!!! It is the lunar Chinese New Year, a big big day for us!!! Hehe...

Everything starts again from now on and of course, we aim for a brighter future.

新的一年又来了!祝大家金猪年快乐! 接下来的十五天,大家要好好的、高高兴兴的过,把久的烦恼、不愉快的事,忘了吧!



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Friday, February 16, 2007
8:44 PM
Went to the Mall to see PeiYi who is just back from KL for Chinese New Year. She didn't change at all because she just studies at there for 2 months... <-- so nothing will change.. haha...

Finally after so many days, I am out again and glad to see my friends to be in good condition. I wonder what happen to me this year, I am like keep on injuring myself. First was my eyes' blood capillaries, then my neck, then my head, then my throat now. Sigh~ So many bad things happen on me.. How unlucky am I???

The gathering was delayed from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Most of them came late, but at least they came, that shows how they care for their friends =) Good sign of friendship =)

We went to Swensens and chatted. PeiYi told us the funny stuffs that happened in KL. It seems they having a great time in KL. As the topic continued, it suddenly came across the O level result. Actually, I think it is quite awkward to talk about it at there... So, the topic about the exam managed to diminish as soon as possible. So, no worries(i think).

Then, we just wandering around in the Mall.

The gathering ended quite normal and fast since all of us left around 10pm.


Recently, my dad kept on telling me about the scholarship. I am getting dizzy when he talked about this. I have no idea about the scholarship offer in Brunei because I never applied before when I was in Primary and Secondary. The newspaper today mentioned that there is a "Scholarship Open Day" organized by MOE. He thought that the event still held in the ICC today, but it is just an one day event.

I know about the scholarship info from CheaXin but everything is too late... Tomorrow is the due date. CHMS not open tomorrow and to apply the scholarship, we will need the Principal to sign and teacher to write report about me. Everything need to be done in the morning. This is really impossible and my mom don't know how to get to MOE. Well, this is the fate... I give up on this time and aim for the scholarship after the A level.

I will need to score AAA or AAB to obtain the scholarship two years later. Wonder can I do it or not. Anyway, I will just try my best for my own sake. Gambateh~~!!! =)


This afternoon, I composed another song but just the opening. This time I will make a lively and happy song. Oh my god, I am addicted!!! Hahaha.... =D

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Thursday, February 15, 2007
8:26 AM
First compose
I have finally finished my first song. It took me about 10 hours to finish it.

This song is really an easy song when compared but it is my first composed piece and for me, it is quite hard to compose song. I don't have many music basics but still I know the basic.

Don't expect a lot of special piano skill in my piece. It is just an normal and easy song with soft and calm rhythm. Anyway, hope you guys will like it. It is my blog's background music and you can play or stop it in the "Lounge" section.

You are free to give me comment and the best is let me know which part is not that good and can be improve through what ways.

Summary of this song:
Name : 闪烁的记忆
Composer : Derick
Lyrics : Derick
Instrument played : Piano (going to do the 编曲 soon)
Duration : 03.09minutes


在遥远的黑夜里 我看见一颗闪烁的星星
它是否是我的回忆 还是我的期许
在广阔的世界里 你我有缘能够在一起
也许是短暂的一秒 也可能是一生

闪烁的记忆 有我有你
无论世界末日已近 都不会消失
闪烁的记忆 有难忘的回忆
点点滴滴 有笑有泪 都是闪烁的记忆

人海茫茫之中 你是最亮的星星
你的举动 你的言语 都成了我回忆
在离开的时候 是一切的结局
虽然伤心 但是我们曾经拥有过

闪烁的记忆 有我有你
无论世界末日已近 都不会消失
闪烁的记忆 有难忘的回忆
点点滴滴 有笑有泪 都是闪烁的记忆

在我的心里 记忆已闪烁
一闪一暗在心里 我默默地想着
一闪一暗在心里 会永远陪着我

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
4:33 AM
I am taking 5 subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Maths and General Paper, and this is decided.

I went to the school this morning and when I reached the office, I met the deputy principal, Mr Lim. He is a friend of my dad, quite shocked! They talked and talked, and he helped me to apply for the Chemistry. I asked him whether I can drop my Accounting when the school start, then he said better I decide now, since they need time to make the timetable. So, I went to meet the Head of Accouting Department and she is a wife of my dad's friend. Whoa~ Bruneian know each other. lol.

She told me that no much things to be memorised and of course harder than O level, but she said I can handle them. She asked that O level Account is really easy right. Haha... Yea, I answered and know that A level's A/C and O level's is really heaven and hell.. Haha...

Well, Mr Lim is quite a good man, I think from my first impression. He just talks too fast and overall, quite nice.

For your information(MD lower Sixth Secondary), if you want to drop any subjects or get additional subjects, better do it within this few days. =D

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
6:52 PM
Will I regret?
Will I regret? Sigh...

I hate to be standing at the centre of the cross. With so many directions to choose from, I am confused. An wrong step lead to a fail whereas a right step brighten your future!

Why it is so hard to choose subjects for my A level? Want to take 5 subjects but could I withstand the pressure? Getting 4 subjects, are my selected subjects correct? Everyone is telling me that taking 5 subjects is just torturing myself and I will regret.

As I mentioned, I have already applied 4 subjects(Physic, Maths, A/C, GP), but I still want to get Chemistry as it is an essential subject for many degree courses(science). I really don't know what to do now. What am I going to study for my First Degree, Commerce or Science?

Till now, I am the one who keep on telling that I want to be a profession and a successful man in business field and is the one who keep on saying that I want to study Accounting and Finance. Now, when I calm myself and clear my mind to think carefully about it, I found that it isn't really my ideal job in my future. Perhaps, I am only thinking that taking a business-related course will lighten my family's burden if I couldn't get the government scholarship after my A level.

For me, I like to operate thing and be a profession in a field. Deal with something and solve it, will bring me a big happy(带来很大的成就感). This is what I desire for. Since I study in Science class for my F4~F5, I found that science is really interesting enough to tempt me to study it and understand it.

During the end of my F4 life, the term "engineering" entered my life. Last time, I had no idea on "engineering" but after I study the info on it, I found that it is fun, however, some people said that it is a boring job(keep on repeating the same work). Well, which jobs don't repeat the same things? When a job is boring, that means you have no interest on it.

Slowly, learning about the engineering courses and studying the 3 sciences, my study desire for science is getting stronger. I am an indecisive guy but it is hard for me to decide, so I just stay close to the business. So many factors and issues to consider, I really don't know which is best for me.

You may ask that why don't I study double degree? Well, it is too challenging and I don't know whether I can do it or not. Or else, it will just spoil my future.

Now, I think I will just drop Accounting and take Chemistry since most of the business-related courses need Mathematics(essential subject), just that it will be a hard time for me in my first degree year.

So that, I just has 4 subjects to study, less pressure. But will I regret if I take this action?

Sigh... I really need someone to consult me or just give me a good advice on my decision.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
5:09 PM
I'm back!!!
Sorry guys for not update my blog for quite a time, but still thanks for your visits to here =D

Well, it isn't I that don't want to keep it update, it is because my laptop was sent to format at Concept. Just an easy format, it took a week. What the hell? They told me that they will call me once the reformat is done but they didn't. I was the one who call them and asked whether my laptop is already ok or not.

The service charge costs me B$30. Is this the standard price? The day I went there, I asked them to format for me faster, then they asked me pay B$50 for express format.. What the hell are they talking about? B$50 for just a faster format?! Then, I said nevermind and asked them whether it can be done by the next day, then they said I will need to pay B$50 too for that. Ok.. I said nevermind again and just leave my laptop there. When I wanted to tell them my laptop's problem, they are like not paid attention to my words and just laughing. What kind of service are they providing? I was about to complain to their boss about their attitude but it was time to pick my brother in the school, so I just left there with a pissed-off mood.

Today, when I went there to get my laptop, they asked me to pay B$35. "What?!" <-- Of course, this is my reaction. They said that I asked them to backup my files, but I didn't. I asked them to format both my C and D drive and not need to back up any files. In the receipt, written very clearly that Format Both C and D drives. But then, they just formatted the C drive and did nothing on my D drive. What are they doing?! Are they deaf or stupid?

Then, they said it is ok if I paid only B$30, but was asked with a rude tone. Am I wrong? What is going on with them? STUPID CONCEPT!!!


Anyone have any idea on either Economics and Chemistry in A level? What are we going to learn on them? I want to take Chemistry as my fifth subject but I don't know what is it about in A level.

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Friday, February 02, 2007
6:49 PM
Really under a headache condition after I finished my registration in MD(Maktab Duli). When I reached there, I faced a problem of which subjects to apply for my AS and A level. A maximum of 5 subjects could be applied.

First, the teacher asked me for my proposed career. I gave her two totally different career and as expected, she gave me a "err....". LOL. I told her I am thinking of Eletrical Engineering or Career related to Finance and A/C. One belongs to Science stream and another belongs to Art stream, so it is quite hard for me to choose my subjects as I afraid that I might mis-choose any of them.

She wrote " Maths, Physics, A/C" in my list and asked me to have a talk with those subjects teachers for more info. I went there and talked with a Business Studies' teacher. I don't know much about this subjects and he just said that if I'm going to operate my own business then take it. Then, I had him to sign in my form first. Then, I went to the Physics teachers as they need to talk with the student before admitting them into their classes.

Some people told me that for Engineering course, I will need to take Further Maths(a really fresh information for me, because I thought F.Maths is just for Actuarial Science). But then, the teachers told me that for Engineering course, F.Maths is not essential. So I didn't take it.

While I was waiting for the English, I started to worry about the Business Studies that I applied. I don't feel easy with my decision of taking it. So, I went back to the teacher and had it cancelled. I felt so guilty when I went there and kept on apologized to him.

Then, it was my turn for the English subjects. 5 to choose from. Well, it is really a headache situation. I have no idea for any of them. But, out of 5, two subjects attracted my mind(General Paper and Thinking Skill). But, the teacher didn't explain much to me, so I didn't get the view of them. I asked for the lightest one(without much pressure). She suggested General Paper, and I asked for the sample exam paper. She had GP's but didn't has Thinking Skill's. So, under the circumstance, I applied for GP.

At the end, my confirmed subjects : Mathematics, Physics, Accounting, General Paper.

After a day, I regret that I applied for General Paper, because I don't like to read newspaper and for GP, I need to read it everyday! OMG!!! Thinking skill suits me more as it need analytic skill and it is more to the Maths field.

I like Maths and analyse things. So.... I think I choose a wrong subject.

I think I would like to take 5 subjects but I don't know which subjects to apply. Economics? Chemistry? Further Maths?

If I apply for 5, will I regret?

The list I want now : Maths, Physic, A/C, Thinking Skill and ???(Chem/Eco).

Anyone could consult me? =/

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