Tuesday, September 09, 2008
9:21 AM
不勇敢爱你 Coward Love
Hey everyone. Again, the shameless me is going to said that my latest demo is released here, today!!!

Well, before you listen, just a small reminder to take note:
Never ever expect a nice and wonderful vocal!
Never ever expect whole song to be perfect pitch!
Never ever expect an amazing melody!

If you are ready then continue below...


词/曲/歌: 玮轩



不敢问你 不敢前进

我愿意一辈子守护你 躲在你背影
选择默默 不勇敢的爱你

只要能看见你 就可以

Well, just another demo and I kinda like the chorus part lyrics and of course the melody. But I don't know whether there is melody alike or not because I think it is quite farmiliar. If so, do tell me. =P

And I think the lyrics this time is really straightforward, so it is easy to be understand. =)



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Friday, September 05, 2008
7:19 PM
My recent life
Times flies really fast. Soon, the term holiday is going to start and this would the longest term holiday(besides December). And due to this, I have no motivation to attend any class and study anything at all. What I know now and do now is to enjoy myself before the study mode activate. =S

I got all my mock papers back. I am quite satisfied with my papers except some.

For Accounting, I didn't really do well. I guess I disappointed my teacher =P And I only get a weak A for that. But I shouldn't expect a good score because I studied all those stuffs very last minute. And for that efforts, I think this is the mark that I should get. Overall score = 74%

For Mathematics, I could do better for my P3. There are lots of careless mistake which are easily spotted. Due to poor time management, I couldn't finish the paper on time, so I had no time for checking. Happy with my P4. Overall score = 84%

For Chemistry, I am quite happy with both P4 and P5, especially my P5(shock me). I thought I was going to fail it. HAHA. If I put more effort in application, my P4 will shine more~ HAHA. Overall score = 70%

For Physics, I am not that happy with my P4 but happy with my P5. Last day of exam... expected score. HAHA. Hope that for the real exam, I can do well. =) Overall score = 64%


Since the last holiday, I had been playing and enjoying everyday till now~ Hang out with my friends and laugh with my friends. And of course, spending a lot of money on eating and playing.

I learn to play POKER these days and greatly addicted to it. But I really need more practice on "mind-games" and need lot of capital!!! I had been losing money on poker these days(nearly $30). HAHA. And Roger is the great winner of this game I think. Anyway, I think my luck is coming soon, perhaps tomorrow~ HAHA. You guys WAIT FOR ME to collect money!!! =)

Rummy. Another group activity for me. We had been playing it in my room for few days. Oh my god, I really can't play in my house, I never win!!! Don't know why =S Maybe my tiles beh-ngam with me.

Besides, we also done a lot of things. We had party, we swim, we lim-teh, we fool around~ So cool!!! I like this life-style. =P And of course, it is so great to know you guys! Friend-forever~

Oh yea, the photo@Hao's, I will upload as soon as possible once I activate my Adobe Lightroom. So, stay tune.


Today when I went out for dinner@escapade, i received a message from Ting saying that she saw my car and asked me where I going. And really a long time didn't meet up with her. I think next week, we HTYX should hang out for movie and keng-kai. HAHA. I will plan that and tell you guys ^^

And for HTYX, I am sorry that I couldn't attend Chiaw's 18th birthday. You guys must be having a lot of funs =/ I owe Chiaw a treat now =P


I guess this is all for my recent life. And I am processing a new song composition these days. Hope it will be done by tomorrow~ Stay tune!


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