Sunday, September 27, 2009
12:30 AM
Yesterday, I went to my University(Warwick) and its city centre, Coventry for one day trip visit. I was asked by a girl who is going to the same university and same hall as me, to go coventry to open our bank account. So yea, since I had nothing else to do, so I went.

Well, not only both of us.. her sis was following too =) dun think wrong... =.=

We took a coach from Victoria Station to Coventry.. Omg.. 3 hours couch ride is nightmare.. my ass was pain =.= and another 3 hours back to london. =S

The city of Coventry freaked me out alot... a damn "kampung".. like so empty and... well totally different from london. =.= But the university of warwick made my mood nicer =) I love the campus very much.. It is huge and need to walk much. When I arrived there, first thing came in mind was that I need to get a bike. hahah

I went to visit my accomodation, Heronbank. It is awesome. Look like hotel.. so relaxing the atmosphere and scenery. The negative side is just that there is too many ducks around.. so all the pathway is full with duck shit =.= and feathers. hahah maybe i could have made some duvet from those feathers AHHAAH

I was trying to get the status letter from the university to open my bank account, but I couldn't get it.. I can only get it next week(1week before my course start).. that is sad... I didn't get anything done in coventry but just view all those scenery. And ride a 40min bus from the city to my uni =SSS

Anyway, it was really a tiring day =/

And today! I went to shopping alone! Because everyone was busy with their own stuffs. Kong and Kon went to Lego's land with his sis and I can't follow because they bought their tickets already. I had a english breakfast @ aberdeen steak house. It was nice and worth the money, 7pounds (2 toast, 2 bacon, baked bean, sausage, 1 sunshine egg, mushroom and 2 harshbrown).

Then, I just walked around those streets. I went to Zara and bought 1 jacket and 2 t-shirt. I went to Next which they had their 50% off! So I bought a jean there with just 15pounds(down from 38pounds). And I went to Bershka and bought 1 jacket and 1 jean. LOL 3 days after baru I started to shop around. HEHE

Tomorrow will be another shopping day for me but I don't have much pounds left with me ><

Anyway, I am very tired now. I will post again! stay tune!!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
11:18 PM
HEY HEY HEY!!!! I am posting in LONDON!!!

Now, I am in the transit room in Brunei Hall. A lot of students arrived on 23rd Sept. So the flight is full as well as the hall itself. So crowded and tiring...

The 16hours flight is... consider a nightmare.. I thought it would be fun but.. I am wrong.. totally wrong.. The plane shook all the way of the trip(well, sometimes) and I can't even sleep properly.. so I was 16hours awaken... lol But I had a new and rare experience in this flight. During the flight, YeePing and Weideng were talking outside the toilet and I was curious then I went there as well, then more and more ppl gathered there like sort of a gathering there... and none of the steward chase us back to our own seat, instead they talked with us and served us some "business class" foods and we started to explore things at the back. And we took some photos there.

We reached Dubai International Airport but it was midnight and we just wandering around for around half an hour.. so nothing much we did there.. I just managed to get to the duty-free shop... nothing special.. nothing much...

London.. I like those buildings in London.. they are cool and elegant! (photo will upload asap when I get a stable internet) Brunei Hall isn't that bad as I heard.. it is stayable... at least I get a bed and pillow and blanket =)

The weather here is fine.. not that crazy cold. Just cool! like you stay in an aircon room. The terrible part is just when it rains in the night. It is like dripping cold water with ice cube in it on you in an aircon room. That I would consider as freezing in the case. Anyway, I just like(love) the weather here.. sunny but cool.. I can enjoy the sun as well as the breeze =)

I had McDonald for my lunch and a chinese food for my dinner in london for my 1st day =) Foods here is not cheap!!! and for restaurant they charge addition 10% upon your receipt.. it is painful to eat outside! My dinner was 12.87pounds! but my lunch was 1.99pound ^^ I got a McD voucher at the street. =)))

The shopping in London is awesome!!! Countless shops and streets.. Too many things to see but I have limited time/energy/money =( Well, lucky I have a few days in London before I go to my uni.. So I can shop slowly and decide which one to buy.. The price is not cheap but reasonable.. 一分钱一分货

Now, I wanna get myself a light jacket or windbreaker so I can carry around easily.. rather than carry my heavier one.. and it is bulky as well. haha

Well, I hope next post I could upload some photos.. and thats all for today!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009
6:58 PM
Busy busy busy

Sorry for neglecting this blog for timesss. hehe

I am busy shopping and spending my time with my family before I depart to United Kingdom. And now.. my legs are a bit pain due to over walking hahahaha and I am spending alot this month =S

I had already packed my stuffs month ago since my mom kept on nagging me. And now, I thank my mom for doing that.. haha.. because I have more time to do my other stuffs rather than nervous on what to pack and what not to pack. Everything is under my control =)

Many people been asking me regarding my course and university. I am going to University of Warwick to study Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics. I know the course name is longgg.. to be short, just pronounce it as MORSE. I am studying an integrated master course for it so it is 4 years course.

And days ago, I just done my enrolment and next week selecting my modules and do my timetable and join the sport clubs etc etc... will be another busy week and by that time I will be at UK.

To those who don't know when am I flying.. I am flying on 22nd Sept, this coming Tuesday 8pm! HAHA

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Sunday, September 06, 2009
3:42 PM
A song to recommend!
Another recommendation from Derick! That is songs from Alien Huang(黄鸿升 a.k.a 小鬼). Remember the host in 娱乐百分百? The one next to Show? That is him. He was a singer before but well, I don't think you guys know that.. maybe some knew it =X Anyway, I recommend songs from his album in preference order. Click and listen =) Hope you like it as well =D

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009
8:29 PM
Soon and it is too fast...
Just less than three weeks and I am leaving to uk to study... Now this moment I don't know should I be happy or sad because I am going to some place experience something new and gonna meet lot of new friends BUT I gonna miss all my friends over here and all those moments with them =S well I guess this is life that we goona part =]

Wait another nine months and I will be back and hope you guys won't forget me > < no matter what, I will try to keep touch with you guys. Hopefully my course isn't that busy...

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