Friday, March 12, 2010
3:25 AM
Previous Composition - In Love with Loneliness
Hey! Due to the merge of imeem with MySpace, all my uploaded songs are gone and can't be retrieve through any mean in the net. So yea, I just going to upload my most favourite composed songs again into my blog (one by one).

I will start with this composed song - In Love with Loneliness. I kinda like the melody and rhythm. And also its flow and lyrics. Sorry about the recording part, I didn't notice last time that the vocal volume isn't adjust to a higher level. But well, it somehow gives this song some other feel!

[爱上孤寂 In Love with Loneliness]

看不见喜或悲 我走得有点憔悴
站在十字交口中间 想得很累

我何必去强求 不属于我的玫瑰
被那荆棘伤了又伤 独自流泪

看那河流 流往哪去
感受风儿 吹往哪去
我 就跟随而去

人群和我自己 不经意走散远去
看不见任何踪迹 我站在这里

迷蒙找寻的爱 却被放在视线外
多少痛苦多少眼泪 你不明白

看那月光 照亮那里
看那星星 闪烁不已
我 就站在这里
我 已爱上孤寂


English version lyrics
I gonna paste a english version lyrics with direct translation. And sorry with the funny words used because my english vocab is damn sucks. Bear with me =)

It's happy or sad? steps are getting tired
Stand in the cross can't decide I'm losing my mind
Why should I beg for roses that don't belong me
hurt by the thorns times by times that I'm cryin alone

Watch the way the river flow to
Feel the way the wind blow to
I just follow the way

Days by days I'm just leaving with the crowd
leave with no trace and you can't see I'm standing here
Trying to find the love but I never feel the way
Thousand of hurts thousand of tears you can't feel me

Watch the way the moonlight shine on
Watch the way the stars shining on
I just stop by the way
In love with loneliness

Download the mp3 here.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010
2:53 AM
Life is full with surprises

I start to slack on updating my blog.. SO SORRY!

LOADS of surprises happened lately! (around me)

MNight was 2 weeks before and really PMS(Post MNight Syndrome) is here. Nothing much to do now as I am getting free-er and free-er. HAHA despite there are tests in these 2 weeks.

I suprised YenLu and YeePing last weekend. This is a long story~

I told YenLu that I will be going on Saturday but in the end I decided to go on Friday afternoon. So, I texted her to let her know because she was having lab session that time. Then I arrived at Loughborough and then I took the bus to their campus. I expected she to call me back after her lab which was 5pm but then the time was past 5 so I decided to walk towards the chemical building and and tried to call her but she didn't pick up the call and so I tried to call YeePing. Just when the call was made, I saw both of them walked towards and pointed at me and said "isn't that derick?"

They were surprised to see me in their campus lol and YenLu forgot to bring her phone out. So a planned and informed visit turned up to be a surprise LOL When Denice answered the door, she was pretty much shocked when she saw me standing there lol the image is still in my mind.

For that night, I had BAKUTTEH! for my dinner. Thanks to Sek-Hao(if I spell his name correctly) and too bad, I don't have the 福气 to try Jonson's recipe because he left for London. Suppose that night, I went club with Sab and Jun them but then in the end, I ditched them SO SORRY! haha because I had late dinner and a bit too lazy to walk and dance =P

The next day was their grocery day! so we went out and buy buy buy. Then we had STEAMBOAT for dinner! Cool! NICE! Then Sabrina, Wendy, HuiKing, Nich and SzeYin came and we played and talked and I bought them 2 bottles of wines but I think they just finished one bottle and I left one there! Speaking of this, this time I left my cardigan at YenLu's =.= wherever I go, I will left something =.=.=.=.= well there provides me reason to visit again LOL

Then the next day, I tried to get to Warwick as early as I can, to join the Bruwick gangs for sport but my train arrived 4:35pm so I missed the netball but still able to join the dinner and funtime. HAHA sorry for showing a not-smiling face because I am very tired and stress for my coming tests >.<

Then I went back and take a rest then 11pm went to HuiQi's to prepare to surprise ZiEn! They baked cake and gathered people and surprise is a success I think!

Then today, birthday dinner was BAKUTTEH! and I cooked some braised pork and bring over and not-to-forget my MAHJONG! EAT TALK MAHJONG = COOL STUFFS haha and OHH!! camwhoring sessions (CHIAW you're pro now! 1st class in camwhore HAHA)

and thats all so far~

SO SORRY this post is full with texts and no photo =)

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