Tuesday, May 20, 2008
2:52 PM
Special post - 汶川大地震
The massive earthquake happened at WenChuan is really terrifying. It is really shock to heard about that and of course sad to hear that. What I hope now is that they can get through it and 真做下去!!!

[群星 - 风中的羽翼]

[林俊杰 - 爱与希望]

大地被摇晃着 天空突然黑了
我的心也被震碎了 下一秒瓦解了

但明天是好的 我们要坚定着
爱让我们不放弃活着 还要继续和大自然拔河

别轻易放弃 明天要许更多愿望

再回头望 又是筑好的家乡
我打开了窗 看见了晴朗


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
3:47 PM
You're back
Long time ago, you were here looking for me and accompanied me for many days and nights. Suddenly, you were gone without leaving any traces. I thought I have already forgotten the days that you were here inside me.

But now, you are once again here; you are back inside me. Well, I didn't expected that you will come back looking for me. Err... Well, things are unpredictable. So, since you're back, I would just have to accept you. But, with you in mind, can i survive within these two months? I wonder...

Exam is really round the corner and everyone is starting their revisions. But what am I doing here? I thought my motivation was back and I can really study to achieve good result. But then when everything was just about to start, illness is here, invading my body. I started with coughing then sneezing and what next? Fever? I hope no. =/

I tend to believe that I could do good in my exam but I really have to give up on this kind of thought now. I will never going excel myself under this body and mind state. For example: The Physics AS Mock Practical Exam today, I really did it badly and yet I still don't know where did I get wrong. I think it will be just a low pass or (worst) fail? Unless miracle happens, I could get an A for this exam. LOL. =.= Well, actually this exam is not that important to me as it isn't the actual GCE As exam. So, just let it be =)

Another thing worried me is that my circle. I can't say it is getting better or getting worse? =/ I think my social circle expanded but then it actually shrunk. I can't get to talk with them at times. I can't get into them in some occasions. I miss the times that we laughed and fooled in the past.

I thought I am changing from year to year but then I am actually back to what I was. Being so mean to people and being so annoying to those around me. I know I might be hated for being like this but I just can't control myself. I am actually trying to change the way I talk, the way I act and the way I behave. Well, this really takes time. =/

There is too many things that are in my mind. What I need is just to let it out =/ but then where should I let it out? Those things may be immature thoughts ,and more or less over sensitive stuffs. People told me to think of the bright side and think positive. Well, you can't said that when you think positive, those negative don't exists at all. They are still there, just you're the one avoiding them. Not to mean that I didn't think positive, well, I did. But... those negative are still there.

To end this post, I would like to apologize to those I have always be mean to and to those I have ignored.

And since you're back, I better get prepared not to let things getting worst. =/


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Sunday, May 04, 2008
10:54 AM
Just went out to meet with HTYX group =) at AuLait in Qlap Mall.

The place was nice but the stuffs are expensive =.= Haha. Sheeling was the first one to reach there, then Ting and me reached there. Well, obviously I was late(rare occasion). =P

It is my first time been there and knew that I can write my name on the surface of the drink. So, I asked them to write down my name. Haha (Sakai ah me) And Sheeling also write her name on her drink.

My Strawberry Latte. Sounds gross, right? Yea,it tastes weird. -.-


Sheeling and her drink.

My drink and me. Well, I copied Sheeling's pose XD

Then Lu came, next IngSiang, next CaiYen, next Kelvin and Foo. We chitchat for around 3 hours then everyone left at around 4:45pm. Foo bring Lu and CaiYen to their tuition place. Then I don't know liao. I walked to Kiulap HuaHo to meet my mom. Then went home.

Overall it was okay, just that I had been sneezing all the times there =.= Oh gosh, I can feel that I won't be feeling well tomorrow. Hope that I won't kena fever or what. *Pray*


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Friday, May 02, 2008
3:52 PM
Jo Vin Xiong Birthday Party
Three persons celebrated their birthday on the same day at the same place at the same time. It is actually Calvin and WeiXiong birthday yesterday and Joana was celebrating hers in advance.

WeiXiong, Joana and Calvin.
The birthday boys and girl

The party was fun and happy. I enjoyed it =) I didn't drive to the party because I know I am going to drink but then I only drank one cup of Chivas with coke =.=

Took a number of photos but then because I didn't use flash so most of them are blur -.- The reason that I didn't use flash is that I want to take natural photo. Haha

After the party, I went to watch "Ironman" with them. I just knew it when it was nearly 11pm. I think they planned already and I just squeezed in. Haha. It was nice but then the action scene is a bit too little. I really amazed by the technology and made me feel like studying engineering course and learn more about Physics. LOL

The movie started at 11:50pm and ended at 2am. I was so sleepy after the movie. Then I was waiting for my car to fetch me and Roger accompanied me waiting my car to come. I was actually following Roger's car but then "pai-seh" to let him send me back into my house compound because I don't dare to walk in from the roadside. Haha~ coward =.=

Anyway, I will brief the party through photo and video clip. ^^

This is what happened when I said I don't know how to smile. =.=

Whoa~ succeed in taking "natural photo" LOL
P.s. Sorry Kong for putting this photo here.

Opps, I fail now =P JenHao saw me...

The big group activity there. LOL

Roger, are you stretching?


Woo~ The best couple costume. LOL

Err.. I never know you 2 are so "close". LOL
Okay, this is just a pose. =.=

Three birthday cakes, altogether 10pounds =.=
Me and others bought cake for them but the three guys don't know,
so they bought their own too. And then, one of their friend bought them another one.
So... there is three cakes altogether. LOL

Video time~
This is taken when they are bitting the candles out from the cakes.

You see, two clowns with red nose!!!

Pity Calvin and WeiXiong.
Well, usual event after blowing cake. Haha

Close-up on Calvin's cream face~

Happy belated birthday to Calvin and WeiXiong.
Happy advanced birthday to Joana.
Thanks for the party~ =D


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