Thursday, December 27, 2007
6:27 AM
I'm back~
Hey everyone, my KL trip ended a few days ago but due to the telephone line and espeed line's problem, I couldn't update any post in my blog but only left some messages in the tagboard.

I was really happy for this trip because I bought lot of stuffs. HEHE ^^ Everyday shopping everyday eating and I gained 3 kgs from this trip but I guess I'm back to my usual weight now because I didn't eat a lot these days. =P I bought 24 tops, 6 bottoms, 6 accesories and many others stuffs. Compare to my previous time there, there is more shops and places to visit and shop now, hmm, let says more things to buy ^^ HAHA. But most of the shops are selling the same variety of wearings =/ and I believe it will soon 退流行, so I just bought some simple t-shirt and jeans.

Oh ya, in this trip, I met 5566 and RainieYang. Both came to KL to promote their album. You can't imagine how excited I was when I met them in person. It is like they popped out from the television. And they look really good than what we seen in the tv. In the end, I got 2 autograph back ^^

And I bought back Gatsby Moving rubber which I can't find in Brunei and it is really nice and easy to use compare to the previous products. There is few type of wax for different style. Or is moving rubber sell in Brunei already? Tell me, if there is =P Beside that, I bought the Loreal Paris Men Expert and i tried, the effect is quite good. Face problem is getting better. But Brunei doesn't sell any, I think. haha xD

Ok, I will update more next time with photo. Now, I am downloadiong 10+ videos which I didn't watch when I was in KL. Busy Busy Busy~ ^^


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
4:12 PM
Closed period
This blog will be closed for 10 days (12/12 ~ 24/12) because I'm going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia tomorrow morning. And I will be back on 24/12/2007 in the afternoon. So, I won't be posting or uploading anything to this blog in this time interval. But, if I able access to the internet, I can reply some of the tagboard messages.

Anyway, if any party or gathering is going to be held after I'm back, you can text(phone) me(but I won't reply), or send me an e-mail, or leave me a message ^^

That's all. Happy holiday to all of you =D


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Saturday, December 08, 2007
2:24 PM
The Gathering
First of all, I really want to thank you all for coming and I would like to say sorry if you were bored or 我招待不周. This is the first time that I invited friends to my house and have fun. The previous time is just to do project(well, only once).

I sent out the message to them(through sms) on Wednesday night and only few confirmed with me. By that time, I was worried that less than 5 people confirmed will be coming. I sent to those who are in my phone list and for those who didn't receive the message, I am sorry, because I don't have your number. And I did ask those who received the message bring others along. On the actual day, 14 people came. Phew~ At least, it seems like a gathering. Haha ^^

I think I was excited that night before the gathering that I couldn't fall asleep till 4am and I woke up at 7:30am because ChenHoe and Desmond came at 8+am. So sad that something wrong with my wireless connection and the e-speed was really slow that morning. Both of them brought their laptops along but they can't get connected =/ and I didn't know what happened. And thanks Desmond for bringing his mahjong along. Hehe. Both of them watched "Ratatouille" in my room. And sorry, I really can't think of a thing to make you two have fun in the morning. I am a lousy host.

After that, Louis, KuiChuan, Sheeling and JingYi arrived. They tried the "Gran Turismo 4" with the "Steering Control". The controller is not sensitive and hard to control but fun to play. Haha. Next, we set up the mahjong table and start to teach some newbies. HAHA. And most of their butts stick on the chairs once they played it. HAHA. Same as me when I started. ADDICTED xD

Then, CaiYen, CheaXin, CheeTa, GheeVui, IngSiang, JinHua, Millie, PikShien,Robinson, YenLu arrived. Parts of them watched movie. They watched Mulan first. Then, they had the lunch(simple pasta, chicken wings and fried rice). After this, it was the climax part of the day, haha. They decided to watch "28 weeks later" and CheaXin was forced to watch. *Imagine CheaXin screamed* Her voice is so sharp and loud, and poor millie, CheaXin grabbed her shirt so hard when watching the movie. And I tried to shock and I succeeded(I am so bad) xD. But, the movie is really gross and scary. Haha.

Some of them still played mahjong and sometimes get shocked by the scream of CheaXin and others, not the movie. HAHA. [I am sorry that I don't know how to adjust the woofer. I don't know why the woofer is so strong. I tried to adjust it this afternoon, but it is still the same. =/ Maybe I will try to adjust sometimes later. =)]

After that CheeTa and Robinson went to my room to play PS2: Naruto Shippudden. And thanks CheeTa for letting me copied his naruto saved file (now, I only left with one character locked ^^).
Louis continued with another movie, Doraemon(the latest 2007 movie). JinHua wanted to play the SpongeBob monopoly(thanks IngSiang for bringing it), then GheeVui, Millie and ChenHoe joined in. Those who played Mahjong still playing Mahjong. IngSiang, JingYi, PikShien and YenLu played Pictionary(thanks YenLu for bringing it) at the far back but PikShien's bright and high-pitch voice still reached my room. Whoa~ Haha xDDDD

Then, the time was near to 5pm and some of them started to leave. The last one stop was the mahjong =P Sad that we didn't play Rummy that day. Hope we can play it when CNY is near ^^ with real money. Haha. But, I prefer to play Mahjong =P

KuiChuan was the last one to leave my house. IngSiang revisited my house around 8pm because he left his paper in my house. Luckily he was in HuaHo Mall that time. Haha.

After the whole event ended, it was the only that I had my first meal in the day which was my dinner already xD. I was really tired after that and I lied on my bed and fell asleep. I woke up at 11pm and then remain awake until 3am.

Well, it was really fun and happy. And really happy to see them come and give me face. At first, I thought all those who didn't confirmed will not come, but they came ^^ *touched* And those who had transport problem, managed to solve it and came. You guys are really nice and 让我感动万分 =D

Hope that you all really had fun that day ^^

*The photos taken by me using normal digital camera.*

The Monopoly group(Jinhua, GheeVui, ChenHoe and Millie). And Louis who is watching Doraemon. Millie is blocking his view. =P

Mahjong Playing(Desmond, Sheeling, CaiYen and KuiChuan). The players kept on changing.

The Pictionary group(PikShien, JingYi, IngSiang, YenLu[blocked by IS] and CheaXin).

CheeTa and Robinson were playing PS2, I think they played Naruto.

KuiChuan said he only won once(hours ago) so I borrow him my lucky cap(the white shiny cap). And he won after wearing it. Haha ^^

*The only video taken*


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Friday, December 07, 2007
12:52 PM
The Gathering - Prolouge
^^ I just had my dinner and the event ended just 2 hours before. And now, I am tired and found that my bed is so warm and so comfortable. Haha. Well, I don't know whether I did the "host" well or not and whether my friends get bored or not. Hopefully, they aren't. ^^ And really thanks you all for coming. I am really happy to see you all here. And to those who can't make it, I know you people got the "xin". I am so touched ^^

Anyway, now I am resting and the photo and more details will up soon(I will make as fast as I can), so stay tune =)


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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
6:07 AM
*Updated(5/12 2:25pm) - The time will be set on Friday from 11am ~ 5pm.
*Updated(5/12 10:32pm) - Few confirmed. Where is the others' reply?

Hey everyone, I am thinking of having fun at my house. Well, this could be called as a "gathering" but not really a gathering >.<>

What can we do here?
  • Tiles game (Rummy) or (Mahjong, if anyone got, then can play)
  • Karaoke
  • PS2
  • WiFi
Anyway, the main reason that I want to have this is because of the rummy or mahjong and of course to meet all you ^^

Well, if I am going to have this, it will be on this week, either Thursday or Friday. OR after I back from KL which is within the X'mas and New Year. OR sometimes later~ =P

Anyway, further info will be update soon. ^^ Stay Tune~


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Sunday, December 02, 2007
2:20 PM

After months, MONTHS!!!! Finally today, I play Rummy!!! Whoa~ The feeling of touching the rummy tiles, the table, the rummy colliding sound etc... just one word to describe, NICE ^^

My mother, my brother and I play rummy in my room. The first time.. And my mom kept on winning =/ and I kept on losing.. GRRR~ HAHA xDDDDDD

I know the quality of the photo definite lose to IS's one. HAHA.
Just a simple trial of shooting ^^


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Saturday, December 01, 2007
12:37 PM
It is officially that college, academic, ties, nerd-hair, black leather shoes, "working committee", teachers are all now out of my sight for a month ^^ Whoa~ let celebrate *boom boom boom*

Suppose I am happy because of this, but I am sad instead. Why? Obviously, when I am not in school, the chances for me to see my friends is small(perhaps, zero). This is the sad part of holiday. =/ I will try my best to go for any outing ^^ Hope there is many this December(of course when I am around =P)

Holiday starts and it is time to enjoy, to rest, to hang out, to be crazy, to be free.. and to do... haiz~ holiday homeworks T.T I wonder why those teachers still want us to mess up with the works when we can barely take a good rest =/ Well, I know they will just said it is good for us so that we won't forget what we had studied. duh~

Hopefully, there is someone or some books that I can copy answers from ^^ =P Lazy me~ (I don't want the study to haunt my holiday. I just want to enjoy and don't want to miss out any single fun ^^) Okay, I will set this as my holiday aim. LOL

Days earlier, people from KL and KK were back ^^ but I just managed to meet up some of them. Sigh~ I want to see all of them. (Hard to ask them out =/) And even don't know how to ask them out =/ Hopefully, there will be a big party or gathering at the end of this month =)

Oh yea, I know I am "extremely" high these days and even I can't control myself(out-of-control). Well, it is obvious if you are with me for any outings earlier. It is really happy and well, don't know how to describe when you see your friends back from other countries after a long time. It is just so HAPPY!! ^^

And, I had talked too much and sang that my throat now hurt. Hope that my throat can recover soon. I don't want my voice to become "sa-ya" or rotten. =/

Oh yea, if I had said something that hurt you or did something(harass, hit, etc) to you, I apologize. As I said, I can't control myself these days, so I apologize. Sorry~

One more thing, I know I am turning more sissy these days. But I have to say I am pure, straight.. not bi, not gay. Well, just want to make thing clear ^^ Being sissy is just to entertain you guys, I am going to stop these acts as soon as possible, so.. just wait =P I want to turn "MAN", so if you can, just guide me to the right path. =P

Anyway, I am going to end this post here. Happy Holiday to all of you ^^ Let have fun!!! Woot~


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