Monday, November 26, 2007
10:55 AM
I am happy...
I am happy because just 5 days after, then holiday starts ^^

I am happy because I can leave the college out of my sight for a month ^^

I am happy because I know a better friend ^^

I am happy because I exercise after a long time ^^

I am happy because I had fun with my friends for every past events.

Lastly, I am happy BECAUSE most of my friends are coming back to Brunei and I can't wait to see them in person ^^


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
11:30 AM
Annoyed and Happy Birthday
I am really really annoyed(plus angry) now. And of course, I have this feeling once in awhile too and definitely only after I went for a "crap-talk". This afternoon, I went to that after being absent for a long time. I rushed my classwork and I know I handed up a messy written paper to the teacher because I want to finish before 2:30pm. After that, I went to the venue but no one is there. They were still talking somewhere else. And the room was locked when I was there. They didn't ensure anything. And I thought it was only 10 of us having the meeting but some others also joined in. But I am okay with this.

Then the "meeting" started. Well, a meeting huh?! I can't imagine if this kind of meeting is going to held anywhere in the society. They are like friends meet friends in some place then sit down and talked on a certain topic. Is this a meeting? They shared their stories and made laugh and kept on went off topic. And one hour had past, but no even one topic had ended. Suppose to discuss 3 topics. And they didn't prepare anything(reference, proposal, etc) and just said we going to bring them next time so discuss next. WTH?! I am totally speechless now. I had nothing to say and no hope any longer. And now, I will wait and see how are they going to do all their "suggestions" in time and make it a success. Let see.

Stupid.. this is really stupid...


Okay, forget about all these bad and awful stuffs. *throw it away*

Now, I would like to greet my friend, Ms Chin Jing Yi and Mr Louis Yong

A Happy sweet 18th Birthday and hope both of you enjoy this special day of you ^^


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Sunday, November 18, 2007
1:19 PM
The Health Expo
Hello~ this post is going to be a short journal post of what I had done this afternoon in the Health Expo. I went there to help, but I had done almost nothing there. So, just another relax day with my friends there ^^

The Plenary Hall which the exhibition situated was full with people(yes, really full). People were wandering around the booths and watching the show on the stage. And yea, I was there for helping but end up with wandering too. Haha. When I was there, I was a bit late but Tiong wasn't there yet. And, I didn't see any Md-ians at the booth. I thought I was tricked by them. And I started to move away from the booth and texted Tiong. By that time, he already there. As Tiong hadn't eat his meal, so we went to the "food court". Okay, this is a right? Then, the foodcourt sells "HEALTH EXPOOILY AND FAT" foods. What the hell?! This is contradicting the purpose of the expo. Hmm... wonder the host realize this or not. =/

CheaXin and CheaHong was late because CheaXin went for her piano lesson. So Tiong and I talked and walked around in the ICC to kill some times. Well, we suppose to be at the booth. But, there is too many helpers and a bit crowded if we were there. =P After a while, we went back and I helped some people to measure their BMI. And I calculated mine too AND !!!! OMG?!

This is the latest info of mine:
Body Weight = 60kg <-- OMG?! I gain weight. When do this happen =/
Height = 177cm <--- YEAH!!! I reach my aim height ^^
BMI = 19.2 <--- I shifted from "underweight" to "normal" ^^

Okay... It is really hard to tell someone especially ladies that they are obese. They should know right? I feel so awkward when I have to tell them:" You belong to the obese group. That you have to control your meal and do more exercise......" Sigh~ And some people even think that the weighing machine is broken. Haha xP

Then, there came the two "C". And again, we went to the food court. Then we wandered around the expo again without Tiong(he was at the booth). We stopped at the stage there. CX wanted to check her eyes(the result is positive = normal). Then CH and I watched the performance on the stage. I like the traditional Brazil Dance. And for the yoga performance, err.. they really have to find those experts. The male performer is okay but not the female performer. =P

Then we went to the High Tea(FREE) in the ICC restaurant. Then talked again.. then went back to the booth... then almost time... then take off all the posters... then went home... then the story ends here ^^

Overall, I have a nice time today(with lot of talks and wandering around). Except that I didn't manage to sleep well(I only manage to sleep at 3am) =/ back to the previous life style =/

P.S. Good luck to the As Level Biology Candidates tomorrow ^^


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Saturday, November 17, 2007
1:54 PM
Once in awhile
My English really poor man... At first, i thought it was "Once in a while", but it is actually "Once in awhile". And I still wondering between "Once in a while" or "Once in a time". Stupid right? haha. (Well, permission granted for you to laugh ^^ so go ahead)

Ok, back to the post topic.

Once in awhile, I am hardworking and want to be a good student with a good result. I had this thought just a few weeks ago but it faded just a few days ago. It happened quite a number of times this year, but it didn't last long(well, very obvious).

Once in awhile, I am very extra-talkative, no matter where I am, no matter what condition I am in. And I really like it because I won't feel alone or left out when I talked and people listened and talk back. ^^ But once in awhile, I am silent that I felt like leaving the society and be alone. And if this happened, it is obviously-observed through my appearance. But... who cares? right? Well, this only happened for a short time(longest, one day xP)

Once in awhile, I think a lot. Think of the past, the present, the future. And others' past, present, future as well(Just an imaginary thought for this). I know it is stupid to think of others, but too boring, what can I do? Haha xD Somehow, I am tired of thinking this and that and this makes me kinda ignore what people said and did. And after all, I felt quite guilty for doing that, because I don't like people to ignore me and yet I did to others. =/

Once in awhile, it is good to skip lessons. And I did for these days(permissions are granted). But somehow, after considering the consequences(homeworks and classworks), it is not so good to skip too frequent. And somehow, skip lessons, it will be boring and I will start to miss my class =P

Once in awhile, it is good to have a good relationship(friends), and it is good to maintain one. But after sometimes, I felt tired to do so. And this leads to a fade in friendship of mine which I don't wish to happen. But... what can I do? =/

Once in awhile, it is okay to make fun of me. For eg, you called me "gay", you lied to me, you tricked me, etc. And I am alright with it, because I know you don't have the intention. But if it happens too frequent, it is a bit too over as you know 人的忍耐是有限的. And, of course, I won't scold you and fight you, but just I felt irritated and annoyed. And put you in the situation of mine, what will you think? =/

Once in awhile, I take things seriously, even a joke. Well, I am blaming myself for this. Perhaps, I am too 天真 or just I am stupid =.=" But sometimes, I take thing not that seriously too. And so, when people do things seriously, then I am not serious, then.. you know. =/

Once in awhile, I post what I thought in my blog(just like this post) because I am letting you guys to know more about me(if you want). But of course, I won't stuffs too private. Haha. But sometimes, you might found something unexpected about me here ^^. And what I would like to say is "Explore my blog yourself =)"


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Friday, November 16, 2007
7:58 AM
PodCast - 光良 “不会分离”
Just done my second podcast. And I didn't do well for this time. I was kinda blur and didn't prepare much for this time. Just points and generated sentences in my brain. So, the way I expressed might not sound smooth.But overall, I think it is no harm to listen ^^.

And, this podcast is longer than the previous. I increases every song playing length and I didn't maximise my vocal. So, any new comments and suggestions are welcome =)


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
1:20 PM
The License ^^
This afternoon right after I helped Jingz with the exhibition(well, I didn't really help), I went to the "Jabatan Pengakutan Darat" to apply for my L License. It is so scary because it had been a time that I didn't talk in Malay. Haha. When I entered there, I didn't even know which counter ticket to press for. And after I get my ticket, just one more number, then was my turn. I had no enough time to fill up the form. >.<>

Well, my mom kept repeating the difficulties of driving the car(going up the hill, S-parking etc). But I believe I can handle all these after learning ^^(can I or not =/) By next year before the CNY, I think I should able to get mine(if I pass straightaway).


Well, right after the year end and As Exam, I thought I turn to become a hardworking one who is willing to do all the classworks and homeworks. This really happened right after but not now. =P I think it started few days ago. I started to ignore my works and just left it aside. Concentrating on TV and internet. Haha. Then the works accumulated.. =/ Then even in the class, I lost my enthusiasm to study. Haha. Maybe November suppose to be relaxing month for me(it always is when I was in CHMS). And just a few more weeks, there comes the one month holiday ^^ Hope none of my teachers are going to assign holiday homeworks. *Praying*

Oh yea, but I am still hardworking for my accounting. Haha. My teacher praised me that I am fast when I complete a single exercise within 10 min. Well, I am fast but also a frequent careless mistake maker. Haha.. I am always one. But then, I don't want to do slow because slow in classwork mean no relax at home(have to do as homework =/).

And next week, I will be having a temporary PS in block 5 ^^. But I think my maths teacher is going to leave us with pile of assignments(I can foreseen it).

That's all for today. And know what, I(hope) want to go out and have fun ^^


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
1:09 PM
Driving? License?
Woot~ I can learn to drive me, I mean legally. ^^ Well, I went to register for car-driving lessons just now after my lessons ended. And I am going to start my first lesson on 23/11 and after 3 days lessons then I can go for the Law test. Hmm... many people encourage me to take the Malay Law test, but it has been a long time that I didn't study any malay. And I read through the textbook given, and really, the english..err... haha. The malay is ok but somehow, I can't recognise the words. =P

So, still under consideration whether to take English or Malay. =/


These days, most of my friends are busy with the coming health exhibition in the ICC. Well, I help them when I was free but still I didn't able to give them a full support. =/ But if they really lack of helpers, then I am ready ^^. Anyway, good luck for the exhibition and all the best ^^ Btw, nice pamphlets and nice designs and nice ribbons =) I like the design with the ribbons as the background(you can find it here) ^^


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Monday, November 12, 2007
2:27 PM
Happy Birthday 2 ^^
I received lot of birthday wishes and greeting from my friends(Brunei, Malaysia and Australia ^^) I am so happy now. Well, in other countries, 18th year old birthday should be something more crazy and special, but here in Brunei, ^^ haha... But still, I am enjoying my day. And I had said goodbye to my sweet 17th(was it sweet? =/)

Most of my friends didn't really greet me in the morning, and I actually felt quite.. err.. sad? But they greeted me in facebook, msn, friendster, blog and sms when I went home. ^^ Once again, thanks =) And especially to Jingz, YiHuey and SzeYee who sent me at 12am =) And I appreciate all the greetings(心意最重要 ^^)

And thanks for the gift that HTYX and CheaXin, CheaHong, JingYi and IS gave me ^^ A white cap and a "pen-cup?" Haha.. ^^
I have just blew the 18th candles and cut the cake ^^. My birthday cake is an Italian Tiramisu cake from Mum's Bakery. It tastes nice for me =)

That's all for my birthday ^^ 18th 18th 18th ^^


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Sunday, November 11, 2007
4:00 PM
Happy Birthday!!!
*bang bang bang* <-- Fireworks' sound effect

*Drum roll*

*Melody begin*

*Choir take a breath and sing*
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Derick
Happy Birthday to you
*Choir stops*

*Derick starts to give his speech*
Hurray~ I am 18th now ^^ As people said, I am legal now. Well, as I had already a gathering on last saturday which was really a fun and nice night. And I won't forget that night. ^^
Now, I am going to make my wish. Two is reveal-able and one is not.

First wish: I hope that my friendships can last forever.

Second wish: I hope that the ever best luck is with everyone(include me) forever.

Third wish: Secret ^^

*Derick ends his speech*

*Drum rolls*

*bang bang bang* <-- Fireworks' sound effect


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10:42 AM
My First "PodCast" ^^
As the title said, I have just done my first podcast using the Adobe Audition 2.0 ^^ I spent one hour plus to finish it. Well, it is still not-a-good product. And, my reading really suck. Sound so formal =/ I tried to make it more 白话, but the tone still like reading the text. Haha.

This podcast is to introduce album and songs. So, if you are interested and won't get scared by my voice then go ahead and listen to it ^^ and you are welcome to comment. P.s. Remember to adjust the volume in the player to half first before you listen to it or else the volume might be too loud for your speaker to play. =P

However, I don't know whether I will keep it up or not. Still have to decide whether to continue or not after see how is the feedback ^^

Well, is the term "podcast" correct for what I do? =/

P.S. Just a few more hours ^^


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Friday, November 09, 2007
1:01 PM
New Clothes and introduction to my facial stuffs
I am happy because finally I got some new clothes to wear. And I get them before I go to KL this year end which means I got more clothes, more option for those coming outings and events ^^

My father bought all these. Well, these all are not branded stuffs but nice to wear ^^ And it seems like I am a "kampung-boy" who just/first get new clothes. Haha. Well, just share photo here. And I am not a sakai. =.=" and these clothes is not my main focus for this post. ^^

Oh yea, I finally get my pink-coloured shirt. Well, the pink shirt is just plain. I need something designed-view. Notice the red-black long clothes. I wonder why my father bought a scarf. Am I going to wear that in Brunei?! Haha. Anyone of you heard of "Blueberry", "American Eagle"? I heard none of them. =/ Well, what you see is just a collection of plain t-shirt. Don't know will I wear all of them or not ^^

OK... come to the main focus of this post. ^^ I am going to introduce my current facial stuffs to you all. Haha. Ok.. you might wonder a boy need to do facial? Well, there is no certain rule that facial stuffs are only for women. There are even branded Men's facial products. Even Loreal. ^^ And if you are not taking a good care for your own, you will regret in the future(ok, some people won't care of what is on the face or watever). I know I am not good-looking, so why am I still showing people a ugly-look appearance? A fair appearance is comfortable for people to look at you, right?

First, there is a facial mask that I bought from the FaceShop. And I found that the mask is really good. This mask is for treating the pimples and inflammation. The effect is really good. On the second day, some of my pimples on my face is kinda treated! ^^ And slowly, after the second time, I used it which 2 days ago. Now, my face is getting better ^^. But different people have different face condition. This mask may suit me but maybe not you. *Facial mask is the best way for lazy people because you will no need to put stuffs one by one. Just one go, you get everything. But the cons is you have to use it frequently and it is not very cheap.* ^^

Second, you see the "Hazeline" which I called it 雪山膏. This is what I applied on the big pimples. It works well for me. The big pimples start to decrease in size on the second day. And this cream is quite cheap and it is easily found in any supermarket/departmental store.

Next, it is the Biotherm products which I took from my mom(well, she asked me to use it because she is using other products). The small one is used for oil-controlling. The big one is toner(to minimize appearance pore, refine the skin's texture and absorb sebum excess). And both works well too(for me).

And here, I end this post. ^^


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9:07 AM
Journal post
Okay. No more recommended song for this post(but there is one soon, because 光良 and 梁静茹 released, listening now ^^)

Well, I am tired now. Due to... accounting homeworks. Omg, need to comment for three exercises. And this used up most of my brainpower. Now? Blur XD Now, accounting is more like a data analysis. Haha. Look at the ratio and then comment on the firm's profitability, liquidity and investment appeal. Whoa~ Somehow, it is fun to do, but it is tired. I still have number of mathematic double and multiple angle to do. And this really going to use up my brain capacity for today.

Anyway, (shift the scene to yesterday) it was my GP teacher's birthday and we had our lesson ended early. So I went to library and saw PikShien(she always there). Then I asked to look at something in the internet and so we were at the ICT lab minutes later. Oh ya, the ICT lab.. really.. haiz~ most of the computers don't have internet connected. Finally(after logged in 5 computers) I found one ^^. And by this time, JingYi entered. I forgot the reason why she entered there but I knew that she was studying in the library that time(she had exam in the afternoon). We looked at the thing first then we linked to IngSiang's blog. And this was time for the fun. Haha XDDDD After reading his post about his "wife", we started to flood his tagboard. Haha. We used every name(those person were there too) we know there, then tagged. And we also help his "wife" to comment on him. Want to what we(idea/msg = me JY PS) tagged? Check here ^^ (free advertise service for you, IS).


My body was turning well last few days but something wrong again yesterday. A part of my right-side head is painful(抽痛). Don't know why. I already re-adjust my sleeping time and back to a normal living style. And now, something wrong again? The pain was with me from morning till I slept. And now, it is better but a slight pain still there. =/ And, I told LiTing about this in my chem class when I was joking that I hope I am absent on Saturday(I always said like this, but I will be present), then she said I always like that, finding excuses, always here pain, there sick. Well, I was really sick or not feeling well when I applied leave for any meeting. And I am not finding fake-excuses to escape from it. And I am responsible for my task(if I am given). So, never ever you criticise me like that. And if you want to blame, blame my body. It is my body not corporate. Well, I am just typing it out. And I know she won't visit my blog one. So mainly this paragraph is just what I want to let out. =P

I have been wondering that why in CHMS, I was not like that(I mean getting weak and sick easily) but in MD, I am. =/


Anyway, tomorrow will be a happy day for me, I think. (opps, not the morning one. I mean the afternoon and night. The HTYX is going to have another gathering ^^ after a long time. =D.


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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
1:34 PM
Another 2 songs
Just realise that I have been recommended quite a number of songs these days. And I didn't really post what is actually happening around me. Well, my life is boring, nothing special to post about. What I have done everyday is just relax and study(not really). So... typical student life-style (I am a 乖学生 ^^)

Anyway, for this post, I am going to introduce 2 songs. ^^ which I found is quite nice.

The first song is by Jay Chou. The name is 彩虹. I like the melody and part of lyrics. Well, according to TKC, he said that song is awful with the damaged vocal. However, I think I am attracted by that kind of vocal. Haha. =)

[ 周杰伦 - 彩虹 ]



看不见你的笑 我怎么睡得着

你要离开 我知道很简单
你说依赖 是我们的阻碍
就算放开 那能不能别没收我的爱


The second song is 不会分离 by 光良. I just saw this song in the TV's MV. I found that it is quite nice.

[ 光良 - 不会分离 ]

明天我们要暂时分离 电话中你不舍的语气
你说可不可以 放你的心在行李
跟着我飞行 我们就可以永远不分离

每天要听一次我爱你 你说这样会感觉贴心
如果说我离去 你的心会下起雨
啊天使不回 整个世界少了空气

把你抱在怀里 我们没有言语
我们抱在怀里 我们不想言语
今天以后留下回忆 我们可以温习
我爱你 不言语 这一刻天在哭泣

离别那天你为我伤心 说好我们不难过伤心
你说可不可以 一路握你的手心
躺在我怀里 这样才能感觉你的呼吸

站在离境门前看着你 脸上你舍不得的表情
如果说我可以 用全宇宙的魔力
让时间暂停 让我们可以不分离

把你抱在怀里 我们没有言语
我们抱在怀里 我们不想言语
今天以后留下回忆 我们可以温习
我爱你 不言语 这一刻天在哭泣

把你抱在怀里 我们没有言语
我们抱在怀里 我们不想言语
今天以后留下回忆 我们可以温习
我爱你 不言语 这一刻天在哭泣

把你抱在怀里 我们没有言语
我们抱在怀里 我们不想言语
今天以后留下回忆 我们一起温习
我爱你 不言语 这一刻天在哭泣
我爱你 不放弃 这一刻不想分离
不会分离 不会分离 不会分离


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Monday, November 05, 2007
4:00 PM
Happy Birthday
I decided to post a Happy Birthday greeting here because it is really rare that 3 of my friends are having their birthday in the same day. Anyway, I have already sent SMS greeting to them just now. And another simple greeting post in my blog now.

The three November-ers(credit to Piang) are ChenHoe, IngSiang and SheeLing.

Happy Birthday to you three,
Happy Birthday to you three,
Happy Birthday to ChenHoe, IngSiang and SheeLing,
Happy Birthday to you three.


All the best and best wishes to three of you. And enjoy your day =D

P.S. [6] days left to mine ^^


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11:32 AM
*Playing the "FREE" song i edited last time*

Hurray!!! No more "As" for me from today onwards =) Free... Now, it is time for me to be totally relax for the following days till the year end holiday ^^ But the stupid school's lessons are still carrying on and most of my friends are still having their exams. So, it will be only me, enjoying the following days.

Anyway, what I looking forward now is a BIG BIG gathering that I can meet all of my friends and have fun till the midnight. "High" till I don't know what I am doing. And of course, all of us are enjoying. Perhaps, this year end(discussing with pawpaw in the msn). Hope we can make it successfully. ^^

Ok, you might wonder how is the General Paper I had this morning. Well, the paper itself is easy, but with my poor English, I don't know whether I did well or not. Speaking of this, I studied some vocab yesterday, and I can't even think of one when I was having the exam. Nor I remember those linking words I memorized last night when I read through the notes given. I just keep putting down "however", "but" in the essays and with those simple vocab used. I think the most I can get is a weak C. If it is a C, then I am satisfied(hit the requirement^^). If not, I have to retake it next year June or December. =/

Anyway, the HTYX is going to have another gathering this Saturday and I am looking forward to it. Oh ya, this Saturday, the school is organising a "Hari Raya Celebration" in the morning. Don't know how will it carry out. =P This Saturday is going to be full with celebration. ^^ But I prefer... you know.. Haha. =D

Anyway, this is all for today. By the way, I am trying to update my blog everyday with random stuffs(maybe post about my life, my thoughts, my recommended songs etc) And, IngSiang's blog is back in action soon, so pay a visit there =) (free advertisement here, your birthday present ^^)


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Sunday, November 04, 2007
10:09 AM
Good luck
This will be the last good luck post in my blog for year 2007. =)

Because... after tomorrow, I am free and away from the As exam. ^^ But I have no confident at all for the GP paper tomorrow. I predict it to be a disaster(always) =.=" . My English always suck( it is obvious if you have read my blog ) Look at all the broken and stupid English I use. But I am ok with my English now but I want to improve it. Later, I am going to read my Grammar HandBook and some vocabulary I made last time =P.

Back to the point. =P

Good Luck to all the General Paper and Thinking Skill candidates
(including me).
^^ Do your ever best to get the best grade ^^
(I must at least try to get a "C" for the scholarship)

And of course, good luck to other students for the upcoming papers.


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Saturday, November 03, 2007
9:09 AM
The most beautiful scene in the world...
Just now when I was on my way back to home, I listened to 爱FM, and found a nice song. I was guessing who is the singer but I can't think of one. I remembered part of it lyrics and I found it ^^ It is by 5566. Already a long time that I didn't hear them singing, so kinda forget their voices. Haha.

Anyway, I like this song and listen to it when i was home till now. Quite nice. I like the lyrics too, especially the first part and second part. Btw, this is not a new song, it is one of the song in the "好久不见" album.

[ 5566 - 世界最美的风景 ]



都是我的 memory






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Thursday, November 01, 2007
1:20 PM
I have a feeling now. However, I don't know how to describe it; whether it is happy =) ; sad =/ ; boring -.- ; unhappy =( ; dizzy @_@.

But I know I want to go out; I want to have fun; I want to talk/chat non-stop; I want to see every of my friends; I want someone to accompany me; I don't want to be alone.

Somehow, I envy that people are so close to each other, they can talk for hours; they can fool around every moment. Somehow, I wonder how people keep their friendship/relationship bond tight. Somehow, I examine myself and ask myself that what is wrong with me or what did I do wrong.

I know my own weakness, but I don't really know myself. Through a friend of mine, I know more of my weakness which I don't realise at first. And I want to thank you for this. Although I know what I should do and yet I have done it, I still don't know whether the things I have done are in the right path or not. =/

This is all for today. =)


In this month, many people are having their birthday(including me =) ), at here, I wish you all "Happy advanced Birthday" and "Happy Birthday to those who born at 1/11 (Aaron and others)" =D


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