Saturday, February 23, 2008
2:28 PM
Movie marathon
Hello everyone, I know I didn't keep my blog updated daily. And, I know it is quite boring that you visit here and didn't see anything new. Sorry for that >.<

Yesterday, I went to Sheeling's house as we were gathered to meet TingTing. It had been quite a long time since I last gathered with her in one place. Yesterday, two more of my friends join the Mahjong world. They learned and played. And I think they are kinda addicted to it. Haha. Beside that, we sang, we laugh, we talked, we ate, we drank and we celebrated Sheeling's brother birthday there too. He blew his cake and we sang the birthday song. And some of us realised that we are already old. Haha. I am going to be 19th this year. So fast man >.<>

Jumper is quite nice but well, not a strong movie that can actually "hit my heart". Haha. But the movie did give me a lot of imagination. Where will I jump if I have that ability? Haha.

Next, I went to meet up with KuiChuan because we were going to catch up another movie, Ah Long Pte. Suppose they were going to watch it on Thursday, but then I always complain that they always watch movie at the time I can't go, so I think he made it this afternoon. And for this, I would like to thank him very very much. Haha. ^^ Only 4 of us watching the movie. Before the movie, Kelvin and me went to the arcade, and he played the car-racing game. When his game almost finished, he was the first place, but at one turn, he turned up to be the third. Pity him =P
After that, we had some chatting at the food court and TingTing joined us(waiting for her friend). When it was nearly 5:30pm, we then move to the cinema. Buy this and that, then went in.

Oh my god!!! I am going to this movie a high appraisal. It had been a long long time that I watched such a funny movie like this. If got chance, I want to watch again. Haha. 真的笑破我的肚皮. After watching it, I was tired because I laughed a lot. Even I heard Kelvin's laugh was already a bit exhausted. You won't how funny it is till you watch it. ^^ A movie that worths watching.

After that, I went home.

Suppose now, I am doing my "homeworkS", but I can't get my account homework balance, then I give up and end up here, Blogging ^^

And it is time for me to do again my homework ^^ Bye~


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
3:09 PM
I pass
Yeah!!! I passed my driving test this morning. Haha. And I was quite nervous when having the test especially the parking part. I did it in a slower speed than I always did when practice. And phew~ my instructor showed me a big up thumb from far away after I had done my side parking. And I took route 3 as my exam route. The shortest route, just the U-turn in front of the police station then back to Land Transport. I didn't drive to the roundabout ^^ And my examiner is so damn nice, he helped me to release the hand-break when balancing and told me where to cut and where to signal and how to go out from the U-turn. And he even sang when I passed the police station. Haha ^^ But then, I have to wait till 25th, only I can get my license. Slow man~ Haiz~ But next week, wootz~~~ ^^

Just two more days, Chinese New Year is going to end. Haiz~ but still, I am in the CNY mood. And this is reflected from my studies. My studies slow down these days. And honestly, it is obvious. =P


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
2:14 PM
Untitled post . Random
Chinese New Year has reached its mid and just 9 days left. And, I didn't do many things in this new year compared to past few years. Conclusion, I am having quite a calm and quiet new year. Well, not really quiet, because there are fireworks nearly everyday(They are really rich eh, spending so much money on those "bomb").

One more day, there comes the Valentine's day. And this definitely not a good day for the single(including me). Haiz~ looking at those couples tian-mi here and there. Well, it is actually interesting to see(for me). But.. sigh~ And I did something funny and stupid last few days. I was announcing that I am going to have a Single's party(open to all the single but not the "it's complicated", "in relationship" and "married"). Purpose: Just to "kek" some of my friends, by saying that they are not in the invited list. Haha. Well, inversely, this just shows how pity I am. Perhaps, some will just think I am jealous of them. Well, I don't know whether I am or not. =P

Oh yeah, my driving skill is much more stable now ^^ And I am going to take my driving test on next Tuesday(I know this is a bit too late but can't blame me, my teacher is too busy). Hopefully, I can pass the test. It will so embarrassing if I fail it, because all my friends passed theirs. *Praying* Hope the god of luck is with me on that day =)

Some of you might be noticed that I acted a bit different or weird(in the way, I talked and behaved). Well, I know I am, and I am sorry if I ever made you felt irritated or annoyed. Forgive me, if you can; If can't, then never mind. I know I have being teasing many people these days. Forgive my smelly mouth. =/ I am controlling now.

College life is getting bored these days. All my lessons seems so dead to me, I have lost most of my motivation and interest. Sigh~ Homeworks sound really heavy to me these days and I am really really lazy to do any of them. Conclusion, Study is definitely not my thing for this month. Hopefully, I am able to get into my studies next month or soon. =/

Anyway, this is all for today. See you all~ NiteZ~~~


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Friday, February 08, 2008
11:38 AM
Notice for the gathering.
Quite a number of people asked me what time to be there.

It is better that you come after 10am. But if you have to come earlier, just let me know. ^^

And what time it end? Before 7~8pm.

Still got any question? Don't hesitate to ask me. Through message, phone, msn...

See you on tomorrow ^^


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
10:01 AM
Happy Chinese New Year 2008
Hello everyone!!! After a long time, finally you can read something new here. Well, I'm sorry for not updating it for about one month time =P

Just a few more hours, it is the Chinese New Year!!! I am so excited to this. Even in the college, I am like already high and really looking forward to it. Haha ^^ And I have been crazy in the class and everywhere. This is the first year that I am totally involved in decorating my house. I can't graded it as perfect but I am happy with it ^^

There was gathering at IngSiang's house. It was fun and it was the gathering for Desmond. Sad man, unable to see him for months now =/ I will miss you, dude. Haha. And few of my friends are back to Brunei for Chinese New Year but they are going back soon. And this is sad too, to me.

Anyway guys, I am having a Chinese New Year gathering at my place. I think most of you already know, and I did miss out some people who I can't reach them. Sorry for that. For the gathering, the time is from morning till night(about 7~8pm). So I wait to see you guys here ^^ Those who don't know my address, here is it : Simpang 552, Jalan Kebangsaan Lama. It is somewhere near the Manggis HuaHo.

I am expecting my cousins to arrive here earlier, but they didn't. Only the eldest here now. Haiz~ I thought I start playing card. Sigh~ Know what, I don't think it is fun for tonight. Well, just my guessing. Hope it will be fun.

Okay, this is all for today!!! I am wishing you all here: Happy Chinese New Year 2008. Hope the year of Rat brings you all the ever best luck ^^

Lastly, hope to see you guys soon ^^


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